Dear Claudia

Dear Claudia

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We are that familiar comfort food that warms the stomach as well as the soul. Love it. Breathe it. We are they are we...are you?


Dear Claudia is Leah Finkelstein, Matt Hansen, and Herb Clarke. The trio came together in January 2007, when drummer, Herb Clarke, heard Leah playing solo at a club in Portland, ME and had a vision. Listening to her inspired sound, he could hear what he and bass player friend, Matt Hansen, could do as a live rhythm section. The three of them got together and it clicked right away.

After a few rehearsals, they got started on their first CD, Dear Claudia, using Leah's brilliant original songs as a framework and Herb and Matt's solid grooves as the driving force. The CD has been a huge success and they have established themselves as the "must see" local band with a loyal following. Leah's soulful vocals and powerful keyboard style, Matt's fluid bass lines, and Herb's intense earthy beat creates a sound that is innovative, memorable and impressing all types of music fans.


Dear Claudia, 2007
We are currently on rotation on both 90.0FM (WMPG) and 98.9FM (WCLZ)!

Set List

Originals - Long Way Home, This Too Shall Pass, In Other Houses, Cocktails, What a Woman He Was, Weird Day, Been Done Before, Feel the Same, Raise My Glass, Revolution, You Were Right, Bad Mood in Paradise, It Doesn't Really Matter, Pearl, What do I Say, Favorite Wine, The Bridge - limited covers include from Aretha Franklin to Traffic. Our set time depends on the gig. We have played 3 one-hour sets. We have played one long 2+ hour set in an evening.