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Dear Darling

Miami Beach, Florida, United States | SELF

Miami Beach, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Rock Pop


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"Recomendación: Dear Darling"

Originarios de Miami, Florida; aparece un proyecto que su tecladista Daniella define como un fresco rock pop psicodélico. Les hablo de Dear Darling, una banda que nos presenta su EP debut Clouded Room of Happiness.
Pueden escuchar más sobre ellos directamente en su Bandcamp. Además les dejo otro de sus temas por si ocupan: "Maniquí d' e'pouvante".
Dato: Nico Saavedra es el ex-baterista de Enjambre y ahora forma parte del proyecto Dear Darling. - Pasaje Alternativo de Mexico DF

"Now You Know: Dear Darling"

Three locals who come to put their two cents of psychedelic rock pop in a culture of reggaeton and whatever the hell is Pitbull's genre. Damaris, Daniella, and Javier are the names behind Dear Darling, and just a heads up, they are pretty dam good. I first came across these guys when a good friend of mine once formed part of the band (who is long gone in his motherland of Argentina). However, the show went on, and on September 1st, Dear Darling released their debut EP. A 6-track journey of bilingual tongues, experimental jams, and graceful synth melodies that goes under the name of Clouded Room of Happiness. Dear Darling is one hell of a local band, and not only can you figure that out by liking their facebook page, but by living the full experience on October 6th in their EP release party at the Performings Art Exchange center in Miami or PAX for the lazy. -


Huma Rojo aims to touch a nerve, evoking emotions in their fans whether they come in the form of a smile or tears. In their minds, these kinds of reactions complete the creative process. While enamored with the recent explosion of the art and music in Miami, the collective plethora of creative minds pushes this group to do things a little differently to get noticed.

Promotional photos of the unsigned trio dressed as terriers playing instruments provide a clue into their modus operandi. When asked who they admire musically, The Cure, Juana Molina and The Beatles are a few major names that came to mind. Their bilingual songs laced with haunting and almost ominous sounds have brought something new to the table, a great feat given the diversity in local music.

Writing from the heart for the last three years, Huma Rojo’s members all met on the Miami indie music scene. A multinational trifecta, Damaris Vicke (lead singer/songwriter, bass acoustic guitar) has roots in Mexico, Javier Güell (guitar, vocals, arrangements) hails from Venezuela, and Daniella Bertoldi (keyboards, melodica) is the resident Brazilian. All transplants from other local indie bands, the trio has finally settled into a groove. Currently recording their first album, the gang of Huma Rojo look forward to its May release and touring in Florida, Mexico and California - as many places as they can.

A trippy mix of ingredients from basic chord progressions to the addition of words, melodies and arrangements create unique sound bites that represent the band. “We aspire to reach the inexplicable synergy in the magic of art by inspiring love, happiness, sadness, anger, and the everyday emotions that our songs speak about,” said Vicke. - Rayme Samuels by:

"Huma Rojo This Thursday at Transit"

Let's face it, girls that can truly shred onstage are one of those things that just kicks ass. Just take Joan Jett, Go-Go's and Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth). Not for any chauvinistic reason--we are an equal opportunity rock fan. Just because, even today, you simply don't see it enough in the male-dominated, oft-testosterone-driven world of Earth-rattling drums, screeching guitars and thundering bass lines. Doing their part for the greater good of loud, aggressive rock, local band Huma Rojo.

Damaris Vicke (bass, lead vocals), Javier Guell (guitar, backing vocals), Daniella Bertoldi (keys, backing vocals) and Jonothan Colorado (drums) came together just a few short years ago, and snatched their name from a character in a Pedro Almodovar flick, titled Todo Sobre Mi Madre (All About My Mother). Still working on their debut album, the band continues to gig their way around the city, offering fans experimental, dramatic and at times theatrical sounding, rock ranging from punk to alt to straight-up rock. Simply put, they have one hell of a polished sound, and a style all their own. Just check out this vid. - Christopher Lopez in Concert Preview, Local Music

"Remezcla Article for METRO and Huma Rojo"

If you are looking for a twist on Latin Music, come to The White Room this November 21 for the DJ and band extravaganza Metro, brought to you by Epoplife.
Not exactly a "Latin music" event but bands such as Huma Rojo, Radioboxer, The Bront and Mod'lone will be representing.

More about Huma Rojo!
With a debut album coming soon, Huma Rojo is a band that started in 2005 in Miami with Damaris Vicke from Mexico DF in the bass and voice, Javier Guell from Venezuela in the guitar and chorus, Daniella Bertoldi from Brazil in the piano and chorus and Sandra Marquez from Peru in the drums. HUMA ROJO is an Alternative Indie band that has created an original sound by uniting experimental sounds with influences from Pop, Spanish Rock, some Punk and Progressive, and bands like Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Led Zepellin, Fionna Apple, Nora Jones, Pj Harvey, Caetano Veloso, Wilco, Cursive, The Cure, Bjork, Tujiko Norko, Juana Molina, Travis, Grandaddy, Bjork, Cafe Tacuba, Weezer, Rush, among others.

Huma Rojo is recording their first album, which will be released the first months of 2009. The band is working with Engineer and Producer Doc Wiley, winner of the Grammy’s. Come and enjoy!!

Visit their Myspace here. - Remezcla

"Cuervo and Roll Contest in Mexico City"

Huma Rojo es una banda formada en Miami Beach desde el 2005 por Damaris Vicke de Mexico Df en el bajo y voz, Javier Guell de Venezuela en las guitarras y coros, Daniella Bertoldi de Brasil en los teclados y coros, y como baterista invitada Sandra Marquez de Peru en la bateria.
HUMA ROJO una banda Indie Alternativa que ha creado un sonido muy original uniendo elementos experimentales con influencias de Pop, Rock, Rock en Español, Punk y Progresivo de bandas como Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Led Zepellin, Pj Harvey, Caetano Veloso, Gal Costa, Wilco, Travis, Grandaddy, Cursive, Bjork, Cafe Tacuba, Juana Molina, Weezer, entre otros.
Huma Rojo esta grabando su primer album que saldra a principios del 2009. La banda esta trabajando con el producto ganador del Grammy Doc Wiley.
- Cuervo and Roll

PAGE 35. January 2010 edition.

- Padrisimo MAGAZINE


"Clouded Room of Happiness" - EP Released Sept. 1st 2011



Dear Darling is a band created by singer/song-writer Dama Vicke who recently released a self-produced 6-song debut EP called "CLOUDED ROOM OF HAPPINESS" a lushy soundtrack-like album, with exuberant organic sounds, topped with happy-go-lucky backing vocals.
Dear Darling’s debut EP was inspired in a period of time where these youngsters were influenced by numerous styles of music, from Krautrock, to Progressive, Experimental, Jazz, and Blues, and with bands like CAN, Neu!, Radiohead, Komeda, Stereolab, Portishead, Sonic Youth,Brian Eno, Led Zepellin and Queen, a fresh discovery of ideas surged by experimenting in the studio with the intention of not following formulas and rules, but just to simply enjoy music. Dear Darling believes that the only way a band would find a unique sound to its original music, is by improvising and letting inspirations flow like a river.

Clouded Room Of Happiness is as a series of songs used as neurotransmitters to emit music signals from the different human states of mind, where sweetness meets its dark side, love meets hate, nature meets destruction, righteousness meets loneliness, and happiness hell...

This deliriously schizoid carousel of ideas were crafted circa 2010-2011, it was recorded in Miami at Earplay Studios by Roger Izaguirre, at Audiovision by Israel "Piti" Najera, and at Dear Darling's home studio. Clouded Room Of Happiness was mixed by DaveTrumfio (Wilco, My Morning Jacket, Grandaddy, Ok Go) and mastered by Mark Chalecki (Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Bright Eyes.)