Dear Future

Dear Future

 Pinckneyville, Illinois, USA

Dear Future is about relationships. The music we play and the words we sing are meant to connect with anyone listening. Drawing on influences such as U2, Mute Math, Coldplay, and Lovedrug we strive to bring as much energy as possible to each performance while keeping an anti-rockstar attitude.


Expansive. Uplifting. Woven. Cacophonous. Soaring.

Dear Future's second EP, Can't Wait Any Longer, is all of the above, and more. It's six songs, interconnected, sequential, all lined up to follow one another perfectly.

Dear Future is five lads from Pickneyville, a small town in Southern Illinois: Brandon Ross, lead vocals, guitar, keys; Wes Chandler, lead guitar; Ethan Place, drums; Paul Genzink, guitar, keys; and Cory Nelson, bass. "We are pretty much living in a black hole of the music industry," says Brandon, "which means we have to work harder and travel further to stay connected. On the flip side, it works to our advantage because we are not influenced by short-lived trends."

More than a sum of its parts, Dear Future is a band united. "The majority of our music is written collectively," explains Brandon. "Because of this, we are able to explore everyone's ideas within each song."

Thematically, the songs express dissatisfaction with the state of our society and the way we react to its problems, both as a society and as individuals. "Lyrically, it's a challenge to make sure each song is relevant and says something real, instead of having stereotypical lines for the sake of lyrics."

Together since 2006, Dear Future has already garnered fans nationwide, thanks to an aggressive touring schedule and festival appearances: ten tours in two-and-a-half years, each of them averaging two weeks at a time. The band has shared the stage with such acts as Dear and the Headlights, Motion City Soundtrack, House of Heroes and Relient K.

Yet despite the barrage of bad news from television and newspapers, Dear Future's music offers a message of hope. "We are all believers," says Brandon. "We believe in the power of grace, forgiveness and love.".
-Laura Hamlett


Can't Wait Any Longer

Written By: Brandon Ross

Dark sky, the sun is gone
Today I spent the day away
From everything and everyone
I still behaved the same old way
No reason, sweet Jesus,
I hardly can believe it
And I don't want to wait anymore

I can't wait any longer
I can't wait any longer
And I'm trying to grow stronger
To be where you are

Can't seem to shake it off
Can't seem to walk it out the door
Am I holding on too strong
Or am I reaching out for more?
Like bingeing and purging
I love and hate the same thing
And I don't want to wait anymore


Written By: Brandon Ross

Fight it, ignore it
Cut holes in the floor and
Just bury your worries
Till they find the cure
For lovers and leavers
And desperate believers
We're not in a hurry
That is for sure

Time is running out
It's time to lock all your doors and hide
No hiding from the flood
But we can pretend
We can pretend

Are we repeating
The Garden of Eden
Are we confessing ourselves to be free when
There are snakes shaped like demons
They're on every tree and
They're offering wages for sinners like me

Time is running out
It's time to lock all your doors and hide
No hiding from the flood
But we can pretend
That this is the golden age
And we are all okay

You Are Loved

Written By: Brandon Ross

You could open the doors
And let some light in
Show exactly what you're hiding
You could find a way out
Someway, somehow
Brother just don't let your demons
Tangle you and break you
It gets harder
Please remember

You are loved

I could open my eyes
And see the damage
But I find my way around it
Don't you worry over
What I'm thinking
I'm a wasteful lover
As you'll soon discover
But when I say this
Know I'm sincere

You are loved

And I despise the way my eyes
Avoid the eyes of those in need


The Emergency EP - Apr 2007
Can't Wait Any Longer - Sept 2008

Set List

Our sets vary between 30 and 45 minutes and are comprised of all original songs.