This could have been Broadway or Covent Garden , as a five star performance from start to finish that left the audience cheering wildly Irish Music Magazine


Led by Richie Foley on mandolin and bouzouki, Dearga have reached new heights in Irish Traditional Music since their formation as the main instrumentalists with Dancing Thru The Ages - the groundbreaking Irish music , song and dance show.

Dearga have created a unique style of music which successfully fuses the musical traditions of Ireland with many styles from around the world, including bluegrass and jazz, but the group are equally committed to providing a solid platform for every performance of Dancing Thru The Ages, ensuring their Irish heritage is given the respect it deserves. The band also provide atmospheric and stylish accompaniment for vocalist Caroline Fraher, who a launched a solo album in 2008 , ' Live at the Sirius '

Dearga worked very closely with Steve Cooney over the past year on new musical arrangements and have began an extensive search for new and original material . Having spent the early months of 2008 in rehersals , Dearga recorded their latest CD at Liam Clancy's studios in May which was also launched in 2008 , also produced by Steve Cooney.


Dearga - The music behind Dancing Thru The Ages