Dear Paco

Dear Paco


Dear Paco believes in a simplistic approach to music... write music that speaks to you personally and rest assured that there are other people who feel the same. Music speaks to our souls, so why complicate the music? Passionate lyrics and simple rhythms go further than a grandeur stage performance.


God brought us together in 2004 and without knowing it He begin to lay the foundations of who we would become.
Belton Nazararene Church had a youth group called Thursday Night Live (TNL) and were in need of a musical group to help lead the worship service. It was our chance to not only worship God but practice playing on stage and begin to perfect the talents God gave us.
It did not take long before we decided to try to play 'original' music. We did and it worked. Soon the whole group was singing songs written by Dear Paco.
We knew at some point that it was not our calling to be a "performance" band but rather a band that genuinely experienced worship.
We have incorporated songs that focus on real world issues but refuse to ignore that God is the central concept behind everything that we as Christians are. Whether it be love, depression, coping with loss, driving our car in the country or simply eating breakfast we know that all songs must have a central theme of God's love and desire for us to lean on him in everything.


Dear Paco

Written By: Stephen Grube

(Note: The song is based on Ernest Hemingways' short story "The Capitol of the World" and it's striking similarity to the Biblical story of the Prodigal Son.)

Hey Son, Where are you?
I haven't heard from you.
Won't you write me. Please don't spite me.
I gave my best for you.
I know that I could have made this easier but your freedom is the key from which you must return.

Please meet me at the corner of 7th and Hyde.
I'll be standing there in a white shirt, bleeding from the side.

Hey Dad, where are you?
I'm getting so confused.
I thought I'd like this but now I spite this, being far from you.
I know that you could have made this easier but my freedom is the key from which I must return.

Hey what's this that I'm seeing?
I can't believe my eyes.
You'll be standing there in a white shirt bleeding from the side.

A crowd is gathered all around at 7th and Hyde.
I don't see a familiar face but at least I tried.
As I turned my back to walk away then I heard His voice.
He called my name, I saw His face "Son, Come Back Home!"

"Come back home" He said with tears in His eyes and a blood stained brow for me.
If tears could speak then I am shouting loud because you cam running to me!


"The Capitol Of The World" (4 song Demo)

Set List

We have an array of options depending on the setting we would be playing in. 10 or more original songs similar to the audio you have available of "Dear Paco" (IE: we would not be good at a rap concert or heavy metal venue)

In a youth group or church convention setting we have a few originals we might integrate into a larger variety of Top 40 Contemporary Christian Praise and Worship songs.

We are able to take more 'complex' songs by big band types and break them down into a more simple acoustic rock sound. So in saying that we are also able to take a pre-designated request (maybe a common local favorite) and be able to perfectly play it before a show.