Oss, North Brabant, NLD

Apocalyptic wicked industrial desperate love songs.

Band Members

  • Evert Doomernik Bassist

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Dearworld’s potential didn’t remain unnoticed for long and soon they played at venues such as ‘Effenaar’, ‘013’, ‘the Lakei’ and ‘the Groene Engel’. They have appeared several times on 3FM, a Dutch national radio station, and were supporting act for bands like Motor (USA) and Vive La Fête (BE)
In 2011 they started with a small ‘Next Best Band’-clubtour through (among others) ‘Patronaat’ Haarlem, ‘Hedon’ Zwolle and ‘Tivoli’ Utrecht. Later that year they won a spot on ‘Paaspop’, gave a destructive performance at ‘Solarfestival’, and played at ‘Paradiso’ Amsterdam for the introduction festival of the Amsterdam University..

“People have the tendency to go wild at a Dearworld show. I mean, really REALLY wild! The audiences and closer people that we’ve gathered around us give us strength and trust for the future. One love!”