Dear (Your Name Here)

Dear (Your Name Here)


Dear (Your Name Here) is a hardworking independent indie pop-rock band. The band released its first full-length record in 2007 and will be releasing a follow-up EP in 2008. 2007 was a busy year for the band, on the road for 3 full months on an acoustic tour of Canada. 2008 looks to be busier yet.


Poignancy clenches your emotions when your heart is caressed by the emotive acoustic pop of Dear (Your Name Here). This music paints with all the colors of the human heart’s spectrum, leaving a trail of emotional power that lingers in the air like the perfume of a beautiful women, leaving a tingling sensation inside that hints of bliss.


Emotions are what music is all about, says Dear (Your Name Here). The art of writing good music is the art of shaping emotions through art. “Music, for me, can invoke a number of emotions.” Part of the emotional rush of music, according to this artist, is the release of pressure, the breath of catharsis that music brings. This is part of the package that Dear (Your Name Here) brings to its listeners. “Music is most often a release of the pressures of daily life.”


Music is also a form of personal empowerment, according to Dear (Your Name Here). For the artist, it is the strength of holding an audience in your sway, of touching the hearts of others and of finding a pathway for your feelings. “I often feel empowered by music, as I believe it allows me to voice my views and opinions with a shout rather than a whisper.” For the listener it is experiencing emotional intimacy with others through the sublime, mystic and distinct plane of musical energy, connecting with the artist and with fellow fans in a unique way. “Music somehow has a way of communicating things to people that they would not normally understand or even be exposed to. One of the goals of my music is to facilitate this type of communication to expand the intellectual horizons of my listeners.”

The Artist at Work

The summer of ’06 saw Dear (Your Name Here) recording a debut album, “A Speck of White” under the supervision of producer Brian Johnson (Coldplay, John Mayer, Elvis Costello, Lifehouse). The following summer found Dear (Your Name Here) engaged in the artist’s first ever solo acoustic tour, a three-month excursion. Dear (Your Name Here) has evolved to a full touring band with a spring/summer tour on the way. In January 2008, Dear (Your Name Here) headed into the studio with producer Mark Troyer (Kiros, Traced Image). The resulting EP will hit streets in spring ’08. Dear (Your Name Here) is currently working with A&R Select, the leading indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA.

“Dear (Your Name Here) has mapped the terrain of the human heart with incredible precision for such a relatively young artist.” – A&R Select


Is Anybody Out There?

Written By: Joel French

This is what you get
For leaving me alone
I can't be responsible
For words I write in moments like this
I feel so far from home
Sitting here in my room
Guess not everyone was made to live like this

I have all that I need
I have the means to live so comfortably
Well isn't that enough?
Shouldn't I be happy?

But if tomorrow brings us back to where we've been
How can we say we care?
We said never, never again
Is anybody out there?

For a second just pull back
Pretend we're far from home
In a land without one
Without a place to call our own
But everybody tries
Each day just to survive
Hoping, praying that we'll make it out alive

We're trying hard to see
The light around the bend they're mentioning
Will anybody come
Cause I'm getting too weak to pull myself up

We're pushing forward and we're not gonna let it go
We're pushing forward and we're not giving up control

"Please Find Me In Your Dreams"

Written By: Joel French

You’ll be the perfect girl
The only one in this world
Who’s fit for my embrace
Helps me to seek His face
He’ll be our everything
It’ll bring us joy to sing together
And be unmoved forever

You’re a figure in my mind today
You’re somewhere in a far-off place
I pray that I could see your face
Just a glimpse of it and I’m okay
Your name is still a mystery to me
If I could only see the one God intended for me
I’ll see you in my dreams

Where are you today
Do you pray as I pray
Are you out looking for me
Or will it take some time to see
There’s someone waiting for you
Who will love you and adore you
And be there by your side
Until the end of time

And as I walk this world, I search each passing face
Praying by His grace
I will find but a trace of you
The one I’m longing to
Be with for forever
Through life’s many endeavours
I pray you’ll soon find me
Even if only in your dreams

Please find me in your dreams


Written By: Joel French

I hope you know
No one else is coming for you
I hope you know you're alone now
I'm waiting for you
Nobody sings
Without knowing the melody
And the feeling it brings
When it's executed perfectly
And I hope you know what you need

Cause I won't be waiting 'round forever
Throwing flowers in the air
To be swept up by the wind
Just like your luminescent hair
Believe me I know it might take centuries
I've been waiting here for days
Maybe your pseudo-clever mind will find a way
To escape the traffic circle they have paved

Tell me you know
And you're thinking existentially
About all the goals
They laid out for you so carefully
You're starting to doubt
Absolutely everything
I can show you around
But I can't describe your destiny
But I know you know what you need

Please tell me now that you are all alone


EP "Just Pull Back" - Coming May 2008
LP "A Speck of White" - March 2007

Set List

Set Intro
"Is Anybody Out There?"
"Now or Nothing"
"Pleading the First"
"Who You (Think You) Are"