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Fort Lauderdale, FL | Established. Jan 01, 2016 | INDIE

Fort Lauderdale, FL | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Alternative Punk





I’m pretty sure this EP (which is called EP), was recorded live and that really does something good to it. It brings out the energy and dynamism that makes this an enjoyable record, a quality that would be totally ruined if it was too polished or produced. It’s got the vague sensibilities of a previous undefined era that are reminiscent of the Murder City Devils while still maintaining the driving, fun feel of Grabass Charlestons. Actually, that Florida vibe is pretty upfront here—even the turquoise/magenta/orange artwork would be comfortable as a logo for the Fest. And songs like “Bad Shit Happens All the Time” are just a fun take on a dismal reality: “bad shit happens all the time that you can’t control, whatever, give me more, sleep! work! die!” –Theresa W. (Cheap Miami, - Razorcake


Fast and scrappy band with blown-out vocals and blistering guitars. Sometimes it seems like the dual guitarists are in two different bands, mostly because of the effects they throw on their six strings. The recording is really bare bones with a lot of reverb and distortion. Every now and then I get the feeling they’re trying to cover up some mistakes, but the majority of it is so sloppy that I truly doubt that’s the case. These guys are just a supercharged party band with lots of fuzz. Then there’s the fourth track that squeezes some surf leads into the song. I could see it fitting somewhere within the Sub Pop realm. Nice bonus to have included not just a personalized hand screened sticker, but also Wade Boggs’s all star card. Party on, dudes. –Kayla Greet (FBI) - Razorcake


Crawling out from the murky dark waters of Southern Florida's Everglades National Park, we're honored to feature Cease + Desist, a new song from Death Lottery's ( @death_lottery ) soon to be released split 7" EP with Long Beach, CA's Hardship Anchors ( @hardshipanchors ).

The EP will be out June 1 but is available for pre-order through Bandcamp now.

Cease + Desist is a swirling punk rock epiphany, inspired from the ease of a skateboard's spinning wheels. It's that type of topsy-turvy guitar riff, start-stop surfer punk that makes you feel like you're being rolled over and over in the inside of crashing pipeline.

There's a gritty asphalt quality to the song, like spilling off a motorcycle and and admiring your serious case of road rash. - Home Unknown

"Death Lottery / Hardship Anchors Split 7" Review"

Death Lottery is back once again here at CPRA with Hardship Anchors with a brand new 7” split! Be sure to pick this one up fast! Per Bandcamp: “The Hardship Anchors / Death Lottery Split 7″ (FBI-002) is limited to 150 hand numbered copies. Record release date slated for 6/1/2019 c/o Freetime Boyz Entertainment Worldwide Inc.”

We are loving this split!!!!! - Colorado Punk Rock Army


Florida punks, Death Lottery released their record, “EP II” back on 9/11/2018. Upon first listen to the first track it will get your head bobbing. This entire record, a bit short, but that’s an EP, will get your body moving. The one aspect I truly like is the infusion of classic punk, with the almost Stooges like sound.

Some of my favorites songs on the record are, ‘Wolf’s Bud’, ‘Tequila w/ Sammy Hagar’ and ‘Future Caveperson’. Death Lottery may not be treading new water, but they are breathing life back into a genre punk has seemed to forgotten. I personally recommend picking up the vinyl for a pure sound. Please contact the band via their social media pages for information on picking up a copy. - Colorado Punk Rock Army

"Death Lottery - EP II"

South Florida’s Death Lottery deliver bratty skate/garage punk on their aptly titled sophomore EP, EP II. Comprised of five stripped-down, noisy and infectious punk anthems, EP II provides a solid soundtrack to bumming on your friend’s couch and consuming all of their beer. Once the opening track “12th Meal (Moser’s Lament)” kicks the record off with bursts of reverb-laden power chords and buzzing guitar solos, the listener knows what kind of racket to expect. Songs such as “Wolf’s Bud” will inspire half-pipe domination with its mix of distorted and disjointed leads and high octane punk riffs, which are propelled by equally hyperactive drumming. “Tequila w/ Sammy Hagar” switches things up a bit and ventures down the path of surf punk with its raw, tremolo-picked grooves and seasick rhythms. The EP doesn’t break the mold stylistically or thematically, but it is quick bit of fun nonetheless. Those who like to get drunk/high, skate, and maybe commit minor acts of vandalism will want to take note. - SVBTERRANEAN


Death Lottery are a punk rock band from South Florida and have just released their second EP, entitled, aptly, EP II.

EP II is available digitally on via the Bandcamp site (link below) and as a limited edition self-released 7″ (150 copies on multi-coloured vinyl with hand screened covers.) The five-track effort opens with 12th Meal (Moser’s Lament) where some studio conversation soon gives way to some serious garage punk rock and roll with some monster riffs and monster hooks competing with some heavy as hell guitar licks and some manic energy…WOWSER!

On Jesus Does What He Wants the band continues to lay down some manic guitars channelling The Cramps and The 13th Floor Elevators into a garage punk frenzy and on Wolf’s Bud the barely controlled chaos continues with some serious rocking.

Tequila W Sammy shows some restraint this time but no let up on power as an errant organ finds its way into the mix and the band sound like Australia’s Vines! The EP concludes with Future Caveperson where the garage-punk-rock and roll continues to deliver with some cascading riffs and urgent vocals.

These folks sure know how to bottle up some sheer energy and deliver it to your eardrums – you can get your ticket to the Death Lottery (see what I did there?) here:- - Punk Online UK

"Death Lottery's debut EP Cassette Now Available!"

On this release, the band explains:
Death Lottery are a punk band hailing from Florida. The band dropped a self-titled EP back in 2017, that you can indeed stream below.

“Death Lottery’s debut EP cassette “EP” was released earlier this year on a limited run of 99 hand numbered colored cassettes via Cheap Miami Records. The EP contains the first 6 songs we wrote together plus an intro and outro by our buddy, Memphis hip-hop legend Project Pat.

Song content ranges from blurry nights partying in New Orleans to an ode to our favorite TV show of all time (Home Improvement) but essentially centers around our gritty tropical lifestyle, poor decisions, and years of being jaded, tired, and bored.” - WHTYB Press

"Death Lottery"

Death Lottery från Usa släppte sin första EP 2017. Bandet består av Johnny Love (gitarr och sång), Casidy Moser (bas och sång), Chuck Loose (trummor och sång) och Jesus Arteaga (gitarr och sång). - Punk Sweden


EP I - Released September 2017 on a limited run cassette tape via Cheap Miami Records - SOLD OUT

EP II - Released September 2018 on a limited run 7" record via Freetime Boyz Worldwide Entertainment Inc. - SOLD OUT

Death Lottery / Hardship Anchors Split 7" - Releases 6/1/19 via Freetime Boyz Inc!



Hi, we're Death Lottery and we're a trashy punk rock band from South Florida. We play fast, lo-fi garage style punk and are heavily influenced by long walks on the beach, cheesy sunsets, candlelit spaghetti dinners, skateboards, existential dilemmas, crushing anxiety, endless depression, and our gritty tropical lifestyle. 

We currently have two releases out to date; 'EP I', a hand numbered, hand dubbed cassette tape featuring Project Pat of Three 6 Mafia fame, released in 2017 on Cheap Miami Records and 'EP II', a hand numbered, self released 7" that we just put out early this year!

Also, did we mention we were recently featured in Season 3 of THRASHER Magazine's King of The Road TV series? No? Well, now ya know we're THRASHER APPROVED!

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