The trio from Kansas with one Vocalist, one DJ, and one dancer they are definitely far from the radio play norms. Musically stylings definitely hard to define but closely resembles Avant-garde Lounge Hop.


With each member coming from totally different backgrounds they have come together from odd musically influences from Frank Sinatra to Idiot Pilot to Mark Farina to Mike Patton to join as death2nancy. Farley Charwell has come from a metal background with his amazing diversity with vocal changes. Jon-Jon Funk Phenomenon has come from the DJ scene with production notes in House Music. Abby has come from a dance background with dumps like a truck. The three have formed to break the norms of traditional radio play bands that have saturated the Kansas music scene. Their sound is defined as but definitely not limited to experimental lounge hop. This is definitely not an act to miss if you are interested in something different.


None released from labels

Set List

Solanum Loveknife
Gangsta Back
Two Night Stand
Black Stabbith
The Def Moth
Concussion Roulette
Kill the Florist

45-60min set