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Death and Taxes

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Alternative


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Please join Scott, his family & friends on
Sunday, September 26th, 2010 at the Beverly
Garland Hotel for a Red Carpet Charity Event!
Entertainment Featuring:
Actor Jerry Douglas singing **Young and the Restless,
the Patriarch John Abbott for over 20 years**
Comedian Adam Hunter **Last Comic Standing
and HBO**
Jay Link **Lead Singer of L.A. Band Death and Taxes**
The launch of the Bailey Baio Angel Foundation
dress from Ooh La La Couture.
And the evening's host: Kym Douglas **Health and
Beauty Correspondent for Ellen, Good Day LA, Author
and more**
Along with a Silent Auction held throughout
the evening.
Proceeds from this event will benefit the Bailey Baio Angel
Foundation. The Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, a 501(c)(3)
not-for-profit organization, is dedicated to improving the
lives of those affected by an Organic Acidemia and
promoting Comprehensive Newborn Screening.
Ticket Prices are as follows:
Drinks with Scott – Meet & Greet $45.00 (includes one drink)
Silver Dinner Table Seat $100.00 (rear)
Gold Dinner Table Seat $125.00 (center)
Platinum Dinner Table Seat $150.00 (front)
Diamond Dinner Table Seat with Scott Baio
(limited availability) $250.00
****Reserved Private Dinner Table (seats 10-12)
in the front next to Scott Baio**** $2,500.00
All table seats include Italian dinner & entertainment
(Choice of Chicken Piccata or Pasta Primavera specified
upon ticket purchase).
Arrivals 5:00 pm
Drinks with Scott – Meet & Greet 5:30 pm – 6:45 pm
Dinner with Entertainment 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
To purchase tickets, please visit our website at and click on the Shop Tab.
Use the Paypal link to select your ticket choice.
In lieu of gifts, Scott kindly requests donations be made to the
Bailey Baio Angel Foundation. - Scott and Renee Baio

"Death & Taxes working on debut CD"

Death & Taxes, a new hard rock band composed of veteran musicians from
Los Angeles area rock acts, is scheduled to release their new CD in mid-April 2004. The buzz on this band is that they are destined to become America’s next “supergroup”. Their new CD, titled “Waste of a Perfectly Good CD”, is a blend of straight ahead old school rock, reminiscent of rock’s glorious past, brought up to speed with a definite twist.

Jay Link, lead vocalist, and his bandmates, started this project on a whim. The three original band members had all played together in the 1980’s. They went into a Los Angeles studio and, after four days, came out with four songs. They started sending the four song EP around to see if it had any merit.

Since putting out the four song "teaser" CD in April 2003, thousands of fans have expressed a huge interest in Death & Taxes. During the last eight months of 2003, Death & Taxes was played on over 40 internet radio stations worldwide. Two of their songs have had incredible chart success: "Trust", which charted at #6 for 2003 in the Radio Wave End of Year Rock Charts, and "Serenity", which charted at #36 in the Rock Charts. The band has also had 12,300 downloads of their songs on Kazaa/Cornerband during the past 6 months.

The band has been very fortunate to work with Grammy nominated producer/engineer Eric Fahlborg.

The nucleus of Death & Taxes are Jay Link on lead vocals, Michael Cutting of Holy Soldier fame on Guitars, David Starkey on Bass, and Paul Monroe of XYZ fame on the drums.

Currently, the band is a self-produced, self-managed, independent act,
who will be putting the finishing touches on the 11 song CD in late
January 2004. Look for a summer 2004 tour to follow.

More info can be found on the band’s website - Dead Moose Records

"Death and Taxes CD Review"

Columns: November 2003 Local Band Reviews
Posted by: Webmaster

Sounding like a cross between Led Zep and Soundgarden, Death & Taxes turn in a compelling performance on Waste Of A Perfectly Good CD. Cool, catchy, not-too-poppy rock songs are the order of the day, with smokehouse blues rock guitar and tough-sounding vocals that recall rock's glorious past. Standout cuts include "Trust" and "Gone." Sometimes straight-up rock is all you need. (Contact:

-- Mike O'Cull - Illinois Entertainer

"Death & Taxes Review"

I have been a fan of music since I was very, very young. Not just a fan; I’ve wanted to be a rock star since I was very young! While other kids were building cars or buildings or cranes with their Tinkertoy sets, I was building guitars with mine, and “playing” along with my Dad’s rock records (the Beatles, the Beach Boys, The Dave Clark Five) in our living room! As I got older, I began discovering other groups that I really liked! And when MTV hit our small town in Central Illinois in 1981, I was a goner! Particularly, I became enthralled with groups like Quiet Riot and Ratt. They were my faves!

All of this hit during my high school years, and during that time, we began attending church very regularly, and I became a fan of a whole new set of bands that were taking LA by storm; Christian metal bands! Stryper was the first that I heard, then bands like Bloodgood and Guardian (I live about 8 miles from the guy who was the lead singer of Guardian now! Small world, huh?). Two other bands prevalent during that time were Holy Soldier and Neon Cross; though I didn’t listen to a lot of their music, I had friends that were intensely into both of these bands. What a wild time! LA was churning out new music so fast in those days, your head would spin trying to keep up!

Now that it’s been twenty years since the advent of glam metal and the “hair bands” of the 80’s, a lot of those bands are reuniting and touring, or getting together to work on new material. It seems that 20 years is about the right amount of time for a thing to seem nostalgic! One such band that is doing so is a band now officially renamed Death & Taxes, though they started out as “Tuff Luck” out in California. Lead singer Jay Link is getting the band back together, and they have recorded a four-song EP that is being promoted heavily on Internet Radio stations like MWB’s own MWB RADIO! Other members of the original lineup returning are Michael Cutting, original guitarist with Tuff Luck who moved on to playing guitar with Holy Soldier from the mid-80’s to Y2K, Dave Starkey, who has played with numerous California/LA bands, including a stint as the bassist for Neon Cross that I believe continues today, and Paul Monroe, a studio drummer and member of the band XYZ. There are plans in the works to record a full-length CD this summer, but until that’s done you’ll just have to whet your appetite with the 4 tunes found on Waste of a Perfectly Good CD.

To me, the professionalism of all 4 musicians is completely evident from the first note on this EP. Michael Cutting’s guitar work on “Trust” is stellar! The song starts with a very grungy, bluesy guitar lick that carries the song from beginning to end! The description of their work says that they have “a hard heavy 70’s sound, updated for 2003”. The sound is definitely hard and heavy, but the level of polish on these tunes make them very radio friendly! I’m sure that’s what they were shooting for, and they did a great job! “Trust” is by far the heaviest of the 4 songs; the other 3 are power pop tunes extraordinaire, including “Serenity”, “Hand Down”, and “Gone”. The sound of the music reminds me of Night Ranger a bit, though in a drop D sort of way!

Jay Link’s voice is definitely unique; in fact, the closest reference that I could come up with in my memory was Molly Hatchet’s lead singer, though not with the nasally sound he had. His voice has a very gritty quality that fits the music of Death & Taxes very well. He is able to growl on the heavy song “Trust”, while also hitting the high soaring parts on “Hand Down”. “Hand Down” is the ballad on this CD. The vocal harmonies sound great, and the instrumental work is great as well. The acoustic guitar that opens the song is as beautiful as it gets, and it just seems that every player turns in his best performance for this one.

“Serenity” is a cool, bluesy tune as well, that is probably the best power pop song on the CD! “Gone” is also a very cool song! It is a rocker that has a very catchy hook.

I’m extremely impressed with the quality of work on this CD. According to the notes on their web site, the guys got together and recorded this thing in less than a week. True professionalism shines through at all times. To me, it is impressive that a group of guys who haven’t played together in over 20 years can come together and sound this tight! Each man is a professional in his own right, and it shows on this CD!

They say that two things are inevitable; Death & Taxes. To me, it’s inevitable that this band will produce a great full-length CD this summer! I’ll be waiting to get my copy as soon as possible! Until then, Waste of a Perfectly Good CD will be available for you to wet your appetite! Make sure you get your copy of this one; you can also hear their music on several great Internet stations. Of course, I’d prefer that you stay with the best in the Midwest, MWB RADIO, for your Death & Taxes fix! We will definitely be waiting to feature songs off their upcoming release!--Mark Lush,, 6/27/03 -

"Former HOLY SOLDIER, XYZ Members Join Forces In DEATH & TAXES - Jan. 28, 2004"

DEATH & TAXES, a hard rock band composed of veteran musicians from Los Angeles-area rock acts, is scheduled to release their new CD in March 2005. Titled Inevitable" the album is said to be "a blend of straight ahead old school rock, reminiscent of rock's glorious past, brought up to speed with a definite twist."

The nucleus of DEATH & TAXES are Jay Link on lead vocals, Michael Cutting of HOLY SOLDIER fame on guitars, David Starkey on bass, and Paul Monroe of XYZ fame on the drums.

Currently, the band is a self-produced, self-managed, independent act, who will be putting the finishing touches on the 11-song CD in late Febuary 2005. Look for a summer tour to follow.

More info can be found on the band's web site: -

"Death and Taxes Lead Singer"

For Immediate Release

Jay Link

Dead Moose Records

550 Pound Rock Singer is half-way to his goal... 200 more pounds to lose

Los Angeles, CA - December 10, 2006 - Jay Link , lead singer of Los Angeles hard rock band Death and Taxes weighed in at a whopping 550 pounds in 2001. Since then , he has lost an amazing 200 pounds with diet & exercise, but is shooting for another 200 pounds loss in the next 2 years. This Spring starting in March 2007, he will begin a "Walk for the Children", for charity to raise funds for many various children's charities. Currently Jay is residing in Kingman Arizona, where he will begin his 2000 + mile journey on Route 66 to Chicago, Illinois, where he was born and raised.

Jay Link, a rock singer somewhere in his mid to late forties depending on his biographies, is a very lucky man. he is still alive. In September of 1998 his father Julius Link, was killed by a speeding car, while walking to his home in Bullhead City, Az. At that time Jay weighed around 250 pounds, he has always had a weight problem, yo-yo-ing up & down by 100 pounds every few years, but the death of his beloved father set him spiraling out of control and by late 2000 he had gained a mind numbing 300 pounds. Jay explained: "My eating became my drug, I had always been drug-free and never was a drinker or a smoker, but I found myself in a very dark place and at that time only food, massive quantities of greasy fattening food would comfort me".

Now to kick-start his slow metabolism, and to give back something to society, he will undertake this grueling 2000 plus mile trek.. When asked if he will be successful in completing his journey, Jay said" I'm not sure if I will even make the first 100 miles, but I am going to give it everything I have, in honor of my father, who was an avid walker, and to raise money, for our children right here in the USA, who have so many unmet needs". There will be a website set up soon for donations through pay pal, and the only money that will be used, will be for hiking shoes, food, and lot's of pain cream, explains Jay. Even a donation of a penny a mile would mean $20.

Jay is currently looking for a few good corporate sponsors to start out his "Walk for the Children" campaign, but any single donations would be so very appreciated. for more information on Jay Link visit:
- ap


4 song Ep
Death and Taxes-Waste of a Perfectly Good CD
Track1- Trust
Track3-Hand Down

The full length CD titled "Inevitable", is being finished up in Los Angeles, California ,and will be available worldwide on itunes, Rhapsody & The CD is scheduled for a April 2011 release



Death and Taxes, Something New, Something Old, Something Classic Rock fans can definitely sink their teeth into.

The Power Quartet of Michael Cutting, Jay Link, Dave Starkey, and Izzy Diaz, are ready to rock the planet, with their explosive, decadent arena style of bombastic Rock and Roll. Death and Taxes will take you back to the glory days of live rock music,and transport you to the future of hard, heavy hitting, melodic rock, that is still fresh and current in 2011. A live Death and Taxes Show can only be described as over the top,outrageous fun, with a huge circus like party atmosphere. You will come away from a Death and Taxes concert knowing full well these guys gave you 110% of their heart, soul and sweat, to deliver a two hour excursion into the world of Rock & Roll fantasy.