Death and the Dance Machine

Death and the Dance Machine

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Death and the Dance Machine is a bonanza of multi directional carnivorous mustaches, leg kicks, and jazz; try not to stare.


Death and the Dance Machine is a Boston based three-piece composed of James Force (guitars, harmonica, and vocals), Dan Boyce (bass and vocals) and Joe Tringali (drums and percussion). They formed in May of 2009 and keep a musical collective motto, welcoming an array of musicians to play at shows and recordings. They have played venues ranging from dingy basements filled with highly intoxicated hosts to a sold out Paradise Rock Club, and quite a few other places in between. Their music is a juxtaposition of pop hooks, indie folk, and good old fashioned Rock and Roll with lyrics that blend philosophy with reality in hopes of spreading a few more hugs across the globe.


Nothing's Perfect EP

Set List

Jazzy Jam
At Least
Worth It
Time of the Season (Cover of The Zombies)
Disabled Trains
Little Boy