Death and the Lovers

Death and the Lovers


Like being threatened by your grandma who is holding nun chucks made out of softsational soft heavy medium rock music. If I had 30 seconds to describe this band I would use the word "awesome" at least 10 times and the word "dude" more than 5. I would use a sexy spanish accent and possibly cuss some.


In order to give a concise and accurate account concerning the adventures of Death and the Lovers we decided to forego the standard and sometimes pretentious band bio, i.e. Heartfelt vocals and sonic torpedo balls of annihilating guitar riffs fired at infinity miles an hour over thundering drums that threaten to implode your soul, your grandmas soul and move you into a higher tax bracket.
So for an unbiased opinion we opted to have Music talk about us.

John: First of all I just wanted to say thank you for being so bountiful throughout time and how awesome and honored I feel to meet you and conduct this short informative interview.
Music: I know.
John: Ok so when exactly did you meet Death and the Lovers and how was it?
Music: January 2005. Hot.
John: Why wasn't it until 06 that they began playing you live and writing hit songs.
Music: Because hot relationships require absolute dedication. Some tough calls were made and members had to be replaced. Because of this, guitarist Jeremy Green experienced what was to be his all time lowest birthday party attendance in '05. Soon after that cry fest I told Drummond West from Washington D.C and bass player Jeff Fawcett from San Diego to come to Denver.
John: Why them?
Music: Because they are awesome at me and would exponentially enhance Jeremy's torpedo-esque guitar riffs with their genuine creativity and TI-85 graphing calculators. A few months after recording their first full length, "Sweet Nothings of a Disaster," Ryan Kimray from Boulder, CO was recruited to compliment the bands challenging new musical direction. "Sweet Nothings" was mostly written by Jeremy before the other members were a part of the group. The current sound and experience that is DATL has already eclipsed their first release. The band finally found all of its members, and is beginning to realize its potential.

The Gothic Theater; The Bluebird Theater; Three Kings Tavern; Benders Tavern; Herman's Hideaway; Larimer Lounge; Wyatt's Torch; 12 volt Tavern; Toad Tavern; The Walnut Room.
Outside of Denver: More coming soon!
Whiskey A Go Go, Los Angeles, California; Higgins Hall, Missoula, Montana; American Legion, Casper, Wyoming; Elks Lodge, Sheridan, Wyoming.
Media: Audio: "Sweet Nothings of a Disaster," Available on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon,
Video: "Still Raining Reflection" Primitive Mind Productions (Release date 4/08)


First album, "Sweet Nothings of a Disaster," is now available on CD with a sound enhancing self adhesive stylish moustache. Also available on iTunes and Rhapsody.

Set List

Our set is as follows:

1) 3
2) Second Base
3) Dead Letter 16
4) Sweet Nothings of Disaster
5) Desert Floppy Hat
6) Deserving Some Rad
7) Paraphrasing 4 Years
8) Rattlesnake Wars
9) Still Raining Reflection
10) Level Against the Fallen