Death Broker

Death Broker


Death Broker is the culmination of what all metal is. No holds barred,in your face,kick you in the face with a golf shoe,Drunken fucking metal!! We make no apologies for our style or our opinions! this is................. DEATH BROKER MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Death Broker is its own monster. We are out to make what we feel the heaviest music possible.
We take from our influences like Slayer,Pantera,Megadeth,Metallica(classic);the drive and energy to translate what we feel to our audiances . Gutturall vocals,precise blazing dual lead guitar,punishing bass lines and thundering drums and the unwavering addiction to the Pit is what you can expect at a Death Broker show.

Set List

Our set is 45 min and can be taylored to acommidate time set by venues

Set List:

One More Body

Pool Of Blood

The Hate In Me

The Way That I Am

Burnt Angels


Last Time

Watch You Bleed

Smell of Deth