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"Death By Dancing; Distribution EP"

Technology really has transformed music. In less than a year, Grand Haven’s Death By Dancing has gone from talking about starting a band to having one of the most polished, futuristic-sounding CDs in the area. Certainly such sudden success will make many liken the emo-punk-goes-electronica act to Panic! At The Disco, without the theatrics, although such a scapegoat sub-genre generalization shortchanges the band’s budding sound. Drum machines and pulsating synths dominate most of these songs, but they still feel surprisingly human. Those who missed the band’s big-time opening set before The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus last month might have to head to the Muskegon Summer Celebration, where Death By Dancing will take its rave-ready sound out into the sunshine June 29. — Eric Mitts
- Recoil Magazine

"Band of the Month"

Having grown up in Grand Haven, I would never have guessed it'd be the spawning ground for the coolest electronica CD I've heard in a while. But in covering the music scene, I've learned to expect the unexpected.

Anyway, that brings us to today's artist of the month, Death By Dancing. This Grand Haven quintet combined dance, techno and rock to create its eight-track "The Distribution EP," which I'm mightily impressed with.

Get an earful of it by checking out the featured track, "Elights," right here at "Sound Check."

And come back next month for another slice of regional music. - Grand Rapids Press

"Young Band, Big Beat; Death By Dancing Offers Distinctive Electric Sound"

GRAND RAPIDS - First gigs typically are humble afairs, but in Death By Dancing's case, the band came out swinging.
The Grand Haven electronica five-piece, which formed last summer, diddn't kick off its live performance cycle in a small venue in front of a handful of friends and family. Instead, the band's public debut came at a battle of the bands in Feburary at The Orbit Room.
To top it off, the band took top honors at the event.
"We were all just dumbfounded," said Nick Lill, who plays synthesizer for DBD.
As part of the prize winnings, Lill and his bandmates - his brother and bassist Kaja Lill, singer Tyler Roth, drummer Mike Greenbank and guitarist Kevin Kozel - were awarded recording time at a studio in Rochester Hills, near Detroit. The band headed to the studio shortly thereafter and completed its first recording "The Distribution."
The eight-trackE{ was released May 22, when the band opened for THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS at The Orbit Room.
"It was by far our biggest show to date," Lill said. "There were about 2,000 people there."
The band will have a chance to entertain another large audience June 29, when it plays on the main stage at Muskegon Summer Celebration. It secured the slot by taking first in the Webster House Battle of the Bands.
Perhaps the judges at these events have been drawn to DBD's vigorous electronic beats, or teh band's tendency to stand apart from the crowd (or the ability to get hipsters to dance). The electronic synth-heavy pop band's sound is reminiscent of The Rapture, Fischerspooner and The Faint, an intelligent dance music genre linked to hip music havens like New York.
"It's (a style that's) quite rare around here," Lill observed. "It's mostly hardcore screamo or power-punk bands."
"The new stuff is a little more vocally intense with backing vocals," Lill said.
Those who attend a DBD show and don't feel like movign thier feet can feast their eyes on teh band's visual elements, as provided by video DJ and Keytarist Erik Stoneburner. Stoneburner uses a computer program to project images onto a screen or the band members.
"He's quite creative," Lill said. - Grand Rapids Press


"The Distribution EP" Released May 22, 2007



“Death By Dancing” is a young band with a big beat. In the last several years, this resourceful and innovative band has grown a fan base exponentially by word of mouth only. In retrospect, this is nothing unexpected due to their explosively energetic stage presence, an incorporated visual light show and of course, their seamless fusion of electronica and indie-rock.

Their start was anything but modest, instead of playing their first show in front of friends and family in some cozy coffee house, they brought their futuristic beats to a statewide battle of the bands in Grand Rapids, Michigan. On top of that, they took first honors out of over 80 bands. Ever since, they have been playing all around Michigan, opening up for such acts as: “The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus “Seether” “Mindless Self Indulgence” “Finger Eleven”…just to name a few.

It should be no surprise that this band would use the Internet as a tool to gain more support around the world. Now thanks to sites like “Myspace Music” this budding band has recruited devoted fans as far as Italy, Australia, and the U.K. Even though they haven’t played overseas yet, they are sure to have a warm welcome wherever they go.

After their debut EP titled “The Distribution” was released on May 2007, the band received nothing but praise from local music reviews that could taste the potential in every guitar woven synth track. “This type of music is quite rare in our area” says Tyler Roth, the vocalist and frontman for the band, “The ‘scene’ is typically hardcore and scremo bands.” Even though most of their early shows were comprised of ‘hardcore’ audiences, Death By Dancing found those crowds bobbing their heads and even jumping to the beat. It’s not unusual to feel the floor bow underneath you when you are attending a show.

Band members include Tyler Roth (Vocals), Kevin Kozel (Guitar), Erik Stoneburner (Keytar / Synthesizer / Programming), Jeff Baldus (Bass) and Scott Pellegrom (Drums). For live shows, they have a stand in Bassist for a full live / electronic feel to their set. Based on this band’s name alone, you should expect many to fall victim to the synth-heavy indie-rock that they deliver in full force.

Their sound is reminiscent of The Rapture, Fischerspooner and The Faint, an intelligent dance music genre linked to hip music havens like New York.