Death By Fame

Death By Fame


The music of Death by Fame is driving powerful beats, fluid melodies, and symphonic harmonies with a punk edge at times. Lyrics that will pull at your heart, and yet drive you to throw a fist in the air. DBF's music is something you'll walk away humming for days.


Before Death by Fame, the guys had their own projects: Bobby, and Neil had Swift, and Prata had Poor Boy Sugar. In 2004 the guys met up to jam out to keep up with what they love the most music. After a couple weeks of this they knew that they were onto something. Many hard months working on music that they needed to perfect, only made their craft more in tune with what they wanted to be writing. Once Death by Fame started to play shows it was all up from there. Growing in popularity, DBF has played The Middle East (both floors), The Paradise, The Palace, and they also have participated in a couple benefit shows as well. Including one for a Tsunami relief fund. Death by Fame is all about good music and good atmosphere. With the passion for their music that they are writing now, they hope to at least be in contact with companies to discuss being signed by Autumn 2006. At that point they will have had two and a half years playing with each other, enough material to fill 3 average timed live sets, and around 40 shows under their belt. They have the talent, they have the drive, Death by Fame its only the beginning.


Released singles:Everytime we say goodbye, The Shakedown, Do What you wanna do ( DwYwD), Blackout, Shades of Gray, Paranoid.

Set List

The "average set" is usually about 45 minutes long with about 10-11 songs. the "average set" would probably hold songs such as: Blackout, Only everyday, DwYwD, Paranoid, The Shakedown, My only Love, My Addiction, Everytime we say goodbye, The Delay, I hate your friends.