Death By Fame

Death By Fame


we have the drive, heart,and the talent, all we ask for is a place to play, and you ll see what we mean


Before Death By Fame, each member had their own projects; Bobby Kiklis and Neil Hanson were members of Swift and John Prata, in Poor Boy Sugar. In 2004, the three members met for a simple jam session to collectively produce music that they were satisfied with. Within a couple weeks, they recognized the potential they had to influence the airwaves. For months, the members of Death By Fame worked diligently with their music, longing for it to be perfected. Through this, it gave them the passion to make their craft more in tune to make their dreams come true. Once Death By Fame started performing, it was evident how much they wanted to be seen and heard. Growing in popularity, Death By Fame has played on both floors of The Middle East, The Paradise, The Palace, Tweeter Center at Locobazooka, and have also participated in benefit shows to show their support, including charities such as the Tsunami Relief Fund, and Cancer Foundations,and the Raberta Felix foundation for handicap children in south america. Death By Fame is about the fans. They are receptive of opinions of good music and atmosphere. Which they use to drive their own art. With the passion for their music that they are writing now and they're relentless efforts to be recognized, they hope to take this project as far as they are able to� maybe further. Currently, they have almost four years of friendship,played over 150 shows as DBF,toured Cost Rica(south america), and have musical chemistry and rapport. As a band, they have the energy and drive to fill an average of three sets of their original songs. Death By Fame has the talent, dedication, and potential to be world renowned. Death by Fame... it's only the beginning. Listening to Death By Fame live is something else. Not only can you hear catchy original songs from them, they also cover songs from The Beatles, David Bowie, Weezer, Green Day, Billy Idol and many more. Their musical talent ranges from the sway back-and-forth, sing-a-long songs to the pump-your-fist-in-the-air side of the spectrum. You'll find yourself singing along to songs you've heard for the first time. Neil Hanson an energetic and compelling front man has what it takes to entertain and grab your attention while playing his soul out to entertain you. The harmonies of each song are complimented by, "Prata" who is also the Bassist. His harmonies bring out the emotions in songs such as, "Everytime We Say Goodbye", and �My Only Love�. The drummer, "Kika", keeps the rhythm alive with his experience and passion. After you've seen them live once, there's no doubt you'd want to see them again, and again..............


DBF has one 4 song EP, and a full length album in the works
1. Every Time We Say Goodbye, this song is our radio single, and is being played on college radio across the country and world, major markets include 107.3fm WAAF and 104.1fm WBCN in Boston Ma, and all over costa rica
2. I Got Problems
3. I Hate Your Friends
4. Its Only Every Day

Set List

DBF has a 2 hr set of originals and cover songs if needed, we are a all original band
a typical set is 1 hr,
set list:
black out
i hate your friends
every time we say goodbye
shades of grey
i got problems
my only love
little bit of every thing
heaven forbid
up the here
the shake down
catch you around
can anybody help me
fury of nathan
letter, writen by the box tops
cheers, theme song from the show
i wanna hold your hand, writen by the beetles
modern love, writen by david bowe