Death By Sexy

Death By Sexy

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

With a sound much larger than three musicians have any right to produce, Death By Sexy is a band that will make you remember what rock'n'roll should be: a primal, grunting, sweaty expression of life and all things great and painful and wonderful. God bless ’em for it.


"If indie pop is a power ranger, then Death By Sexy is Chuck Norris" - PopDrivel

Dex Fontaine and Jason Griffenhagen were lonely rockers wandering the streets of Washington, DC in early 2005. They had just started a new rock’n’roll band with a good, raw, high energy sound. But what to name it? At a loss, they ran into Jesse Hughes from the Eagles of Death Metal at a pinball machine in the DC rock institution the Black Cat. Between quarters, Jesse came to the rescue and suggested the name “Death By Sexy”. They took it and ran with it.

Since then, DXS has been slaying audiences with their brand of relentless, righteous rock music. After adding the bass player with the angelic harmonies: Christian Baldo and releasing their 1st full-length album, Curse The Curse, getting airplay on DC101 in DC, 102.1 The X in Richmond, and various college stations, internet radio across the nation, they seem poised for bigger things. Or at least garnering enough good will to get a free 12 pack of Pabst at their shows. God bless 'em, and god bless rock'n'roll.

""One of the city's sure-to-please acts." - The Washington Post -

"Ferocious...impossibly simple...impossibly catchy...could make even my grandmothers bridge club want to stomp around the room, fists pumping in the air while they spill their Chablis all over the place." - Centre Daily Times

"Straightforward and Unrelenting...Raunchy, Raucous and fun as hell." - OnTap Magazine

'Like something born in the New York City Underground circa 1977; a bizarre mixture of the Ramones(during their gutsier anthems), Motorhead and the Misfits." - DCist

"Straight-up, dirty rock n roll...expect great things from this band. Look into them." - -

"When you catch DXS Live, you too will say 'Whoo hoo hoo! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!'" - WashingtonCityPaper

"Anthemic, bare bones rock with a flair for excess and indulgence." - Prince George's Sentinel

"Classic Garage Music with touches of glam and loads of rock'n'roll mayhem." - Dischord Direct

"The roar of early 90s rock and roll flavored with a touch of D.C's early punk roots." - Falls Church News Press


Wake Me Up

Written By: Jason Griffenhagen

You got me aching to pray
Down on my knees, so I say
If I was the second comin'
You'd still be off and runnin'
and so you keep on movin' on.

I'm gonna tow down the line
See you leave me from behind.
And now I have the best view
A beautiful way to see you
And so you keep it movin' on.

Wake me up
You're a dream that I just want to end.

I don't even wanna try.
Wet's wet and dry is dry.
So all of the time you're waiting
You're sitting there dessicating.
And now the movie keeps rollin' on.

Wake me up
You're a dream that I just want to end.

It's time to beat it away.
Still got the passion to play.
And so it's time I'm leavin'.
No more use in believin'.
And so I keep on movin' on.

Wake me up
You're a dream that I just want to end.


6/14/05 - Nobody Knows Where You'll Wake Up Tomorrow - EP/Demo

8/11/06 - Big Hit - EP

5/27/09 - Curse the Curse - LP

Set List

Depending on the time alotted, we can play up to an hour and a half of original music.