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"[ press release ]"

July 11, 2005
One of the country's most successful indie labels brings one of their first signings to the Temple Club this Thursday with some great openers.....

Kill Memory Crash - Ghostly Records
For over 10 years, Alex and Adam of Chicago's Kill Memory Crash have been developing their own blend of dark industrial and electronic music, influenced by the sleaze and decay of modern life. Read more about KMC at
Kero -
Kero mixes live video mixing with a live p.a. of electrically mixed music. Check out for more info...
Kevin Reynolds - Transmatt Records (Detroit)
The man behind the man. Derrick May's right hand man....
Butterfly Ashes -
(Deathcanwait Records )
I think we'll look back at this guy and say he was a genius before it's over. Check out his newest tracks at

Lansing, if you want original bills, this is the show you don't want to miss. The show will be in the Red Light Lounge (the patio is open and we even have two tiki torches, that's right two of em!).

$7 for 21+, $8 for 18+
$2 Bud and Bud Light bottles
$3 Long Islands
$3.50 Jager Bombs - TEMPLE CLUB :

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What others are saying about
"when i was a king"

What is happening to my head here, man! This strange track has infected me like a virius. Is that a man or woman sing? I cant make out there gender. I like this. It is very quirky. I cant make out what the singer is saying though, but this doesn't matter. The signer sounds a bit like Robert Smith from the Cure. The music sounds a bit oriental. I can't make the lyrics out so I wont comment on them. This song is very fresh and original and I urge everyone to listen too it.

Extra Credit: Male Vocals, Programming, Production, Melody, Mood, Originality.

- arfur
Dunfermline, Fife, United Kingdom
December 9th, 2005


Hey I like it!
Alittle confusing in the beginning, but the vocals are distinctive and the beat although quirky caught me as I busied myself until I realised hey, this isn't a big label recording. So I was fooled, but delighted.
Thumbs up.

- true2verve
Bellevue, Virginia
December 7th, 2005

King without dreams?
This song has nice vocals. And the voice somehow fits very well to the lyrics. Duplicate these voices, add some reverb and you sound like young David Bowie. I like the lyrics too. Some people might say they are "clich�" (look at ABC) but in my opinion they are very strong. Maybe add some more of these background vocals (like at 1:33).

The drum sticks are a irritating and too loud. They clap all the time and distort the mood - I would remove them completely. The melody is very nice. Sounds a bit like the Cure. In my opinion the panning of the sequencer lines is too hard sometimes - but maybe this is what you wanted to do.

- AdamFirst
Basel, Switzerland
November 21st, 2005

Spliced-Up Post-Modern Electro-Trip
Interesting electro-splicing and trip-hop beats. I like how the drumstick makes you think it's a hardcore rock song but instead it's trip-hop. This is pretty original and has a sound that's fresh even for trip-hop which is hard to achieve. The song makes me want to hear more from this artist. The break starting around 2:30 is SO cool and the whole thing is fantastically original.
The band has asked for comments on:
Lead Vocals - voice sounds not so perfect but it's still well done, you gave it your all.
Lyrics - I'm not into lyrics much unless they really stand out, which they don't, for me. "Drugs took their toll on me..." kinda what you'd expect, isn't it? They're also kinda hard to follow anyway.
Who Do We Sound Like? - you sound a little like U.N.K.L.E., you sound influenced by Portishead and maybe you sound like a few other bands on this site but otherwise it's a fresh approach and fresh sound you have going on, with more songs like this you're sure to be a big hit among the *real* music listeners.

Extra Credit: Drums, Programming, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality, Most Rocking Track.

- suimr
Amsterdam, Netherlands
November 21st, 2005

all these reviews are taken from Deathcanwait Records profile at You may visit our account there to confirm these reviews... - the world

"reviews: "KILL EVERY HUMAN""

Dirty acid ditty
"Cool distorted & delayed vox coupled with strange a room ambience make me want more!

It's as if the Art of Noise got into a fist-fight with Pop Will Eat Itself. I'm curious to hear other tracks from this group.

As I mentioned at the beginning, the mixdown has a crazy short reverb on it that works well, especially with the absolutely crushed percussion.

The aggressive+radical lyrics also tweak my interest... I'm happy to say that this isn't another sappy love song ..."

- sneakthief -


Deathcanwait { artist/projects} Roster
+ The Butterfly Ashes
[ live imrov, spoken verse, indie rock, singer-sonwriter ]

> released: to be released Winter 2006
+ {IDE}
[ hyper glitch, dark ambient, urban industrial, trip hop ]

> released: January 2006
+La Gente Guapa
[ world, down-tempo, lounge, chill-out, IDM/Club ]

> released: January 2006
+Hearses on the Boulevard
[ breakcore, industrial, electro punk, IDM/darkwave ]

------------------ARE WE ON THE RADIO???---------------

YES!!!!* Our lead single [ released on both the {IDE} album + DEATHCANWAIT VOL.1 compilation ]
"WHEN I WAS A KING" will begin radio airplay late January at the college radio station WLNZ in Lansing, MI. We also may be heard on where we have STREAMING play, and consistently win awards for "WHEN I WAS A KING", "KILL EVERY HUMAN", and "HADREI MAVET", our current songs being hosted there.



Abraham Isaac has performed under contract in Tarifa + Cadiz , Spain where his management team included the lead singer of the Spanish supergroup Mecano; he has traveled to more than a dozen cities in Morocco, and looks for 2006 to be the year in which he tours the US and starts developing a network in Canada. He has performed at Wharton Center (MSU); MSU Auditorium, and other venues throughout Michigan under different aliases including "THE BUTTERFLY ASHES", as well as his given name.

His dreams include re-locating to Toronto, living in Israel; adopting children from Morocco and Mexico; successfully touring as a DJ/singer/songwriter; running a publishing company; living in accordance with hashem; living as a true artist comitted not to fame and fortune but REPAIR OF THE WORLD, and dying knowing that his life fed the hungry, clothed the homeless, and was protector of orphans. All to the music.

He is currently searching for a DJ mentor that will break down the finer points of the 1's and 2's and let him tag along as an assistant to exotic and not so distant lands. He runs Deathcanwait Records, an indie imprint and artist collective [ of his aliases ]. The next big project on deck is learning how to VJ and take his live show to the next level using visuals from his photography and that of his main photographer and graphic designer, Christopher Irvin of Dreamorphan Films.

He is also searching for internship oppurtunities with record labels and humanitarian organizations, while struggling to not give up his artistic bent in pursuit of a stagnant desk job.

What sets me apart?

I think one of the biggest things that strikes people is my style of music, the bands i choose to listen to, the sound of my voice. My vocals have been compared to those of a young David Bowie; Marilyn Manson; NIN; other "hard rock" artists. I think when most people see me they make assumptions based upon the fact that I have an afro. They are expecting me to be a reggae singer, or a rapper.. They are thinking that I am going to come at them in hip hop terminology, NOT to name drop, the Cure, Chambao, Yitzak Perlman, the Cranberrries, Bjork, Madonna, Portishead, Nirvana, NIN etc. as MAJOR influences :)

So this gives me something of a "novelty" or edge.
I see the laptop as a legitimate instrument and I use it that way. I think that this is probably the biggest thing. I am not trying to play other artists music. I want to perform and play my music in public forums for people to enjoy. And I do that with a laptop and my voice. I don't get caught up in being elitist and dragging academia into my concerts. Loops, nodes, synths, guitars, Ableton, violins, Garageband... I respect music. If it is good. Give me the sounds baby!! and if I like it, it is music. I don't get caught up in debates over whether or not "loops are destroying music" or "laptop acts are not really musicians" . I don't have time for this type of shat, and I really think that PARTICULARLY for electronic acts --- such a misnomer by the way --- that these discussions are not only futile but dangerous. Engaging in them exposes these artists to extreme ends of the structural arguments that they propose... if loops are NOT music, then what of pre-programmed sounds emitted from synths? Would anyone dare suggest that Depeche Mode are not REAL musicians? because they used ELECTRONIC instruments with pre programmed sounds? SO, I just push sound out of it. A LOT OF SOUND. I love my apple. It is a she. She is lovely. I call her "the virgin pornstar".
I am a poet/singer-songwriter. I am sensitive. And passionate about my music. I am obsessed. I am prolific. I have produced nearly 200 tracks, totaling more than 14 hours of music in less than 12 months and am prepared to accelerate the pace in 2006. I work my ass off. I don't follow the status quo. I am not looking for fans// I get by with a little help from my friends. I see the business end of things and don't run from it, but I also don't try to shovel merch onto my friends/fans. I try to produce at least 4 non-vocal pieces a day, and at least 1 solid, gorgeous lyrical piece each week.

I embrace the angst of the singer-songwriter, but mellow out like a composer or scientist in constructing my compositions. Many friends have said that I don't make beats, I construct soundscapes or compose suites and movements as if for some futuristic digital orchestra. I spend an average of 10-15 hours behind my laptop everyday, whether composing, answering friend/fan mail; conducting interviews with labels such as Gern Blandsten; artists like Aaron Kraten; etc. In the true spirit of the DIY ethic, this is a self-contained