Death For Life

Death For Life

 Sonora, California, USA


DFL started in 2006 as a jam band/solo project that didnt go anywhere. The talents in the music are all blessings from God. Coffee house's were the places of performances. Some years went by and eventually fell into a scene of drugs and alcohol. It was God's saving grace and helping had that pulled me out of it. And now i continuously serve HIM through the music i perform. JESUS METAL is what I like to call it.


(2007) DFL Single: Bleeding Sacrifice
(2007) DFL Single: Black Broken Wings
(2008) DFL Single: Me Without You
(2010) Bloodshed EP:
1. Intro
3. Love Has No Title
4. Gladis
5. Coffee
6. B.I.N.G.O.
7. Suffering
(2011) DFL Single: Too Much Snow
(2011) DFL Single: Unspoken