Death From A Smile

Death From A Smile

 McHenry, Illinois, USA

Hardcore, in your face, emotional, sad, angery, awesome, something to hear! Songs that touch your heart, songs to touch your fists, songs that will make you go ape sh*t on anything in your path!


We are five young boys from McHenry, IL
We love music and hope to make it our jobs in the future.
We have been a band for about a year now, and things have been going very well.
Hopes for our first show soon!


Don't Wanna Feel

Written By: Adam Lenord, Dana Goggin, Jake Kvidera

I feel this anger, rising up in me
reaching total destruction, time to pay your fee
time and time again, you mess with my head
I feel depression, taking over me
blackend all my heart, causes me to fall apart
I don't wanna feel, I don't die, but I don't want the pressure
to have to lie (X2)
Total pressure
Total pain
No more Living
no more to gain
Why, Feel, Pain?
Why, Cry, For nothing?
Why, Feel, pain?
Why, cry, for nothing?


Hopefully recording a demo or an EP sometime soon labeled
"The Deadly" or self titled.

Set List

1.Death from a smile (song)


3.lose youself (cover)

4.I Don't Want to Feel

5.Jake's song

6.Three Years Without You

7.We Won't Last Forever