Death Immortal

Death Immortal

 New York City, New York, USA

No holds barred, in your face, kick ass metal. We're here to conquer the world. And let everyone know that we're not going anywhere and we're here to stay.


Launching in the summer of 2006 as Animus
of Abbas, Death Immortal came to the front of the metal scene in the middle of 2008. Like a phoenix reborn from smoldering ashes, Death Immortal emerged from the helm of other fallen acts as Chester, Mark, Jason & Alex formed to conquer and take back what’s rightfully theirs. To bring to light what is in the dark and to embrace what others ignore. The band's music is what the east coast needs, a slap in the face to the rest of the world showing that New York means business. With hard hitting drum beats, head banging guitar riffs, searing guitar solos, intricate melodies, and memorable harmonies, Death Immortal is a force to be reckoned with. Their new album, simply titled “DEATH IMMORTAL”, was recorded and produced by long time friend Joey Z. (Life of Agony / Carnivore) Joey boasts an old school attitude with a new school sound which takes Death Immortal to sounds that range from old school thrash to today’s modern metal.

Liked it, lived it, loved it, drank it, fucked it, make no mistake about it, they are the sound and the look. THEY ARE METAL. Look out for the new album to be released in the Fall of 2009.

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1st Demo
1.Freedumb ain't free
2.The Agnostic
3.V 4 Vendetta

2nd Demo
2.The Brooklyn Syndicate
4.Eternal Light
5.Alcohol fueled hatred
6.Unwritten Laws

3rd Demo
1.Sorrow Addiction
2.A million bucks and a thousand regrets.
3.I'll Save You
4.Looking in from the outside.
5.Goodbye my love
6.The Deceiver
7.Kona Winds

Self titled album: Death Immortal
1.Seas of Sorrow
2.Here comes the pain
4.Just Breathe
5.The Confusionist
6.Trinity of Terror
7.Shadows Touch
10.The Forgotten Plague

Set List

Our setlist depends on the venue. Normally they let us play for about 30 min. We have enough material to play 2-3 sets.
This is a typical set list for a 30-45 min set.
1.The Confusionist
2. Unholy
3. Pandemonium
4. Trinity Of Terror
5. Bayou
6. Here Comes The Pain
Encore: The Brooklyn Syndicate
We haven't done any covers maybe in the future, but we like to play our own music.