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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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"Your Beer. Your Blog."

Marvel at the pop punk pummel of Death is a Dialogue! - Pabst Blue Ribbon

"Death is a Dialogue CD Release at The Basement"

Fronted by Jason Lee, former front man for dance-y synth rock act the Drownout, Death is a Dialogue retains some dance elements via a more straightforward pop punk approach. The band celebrates the release of its debut EP with opening sets by Athens electro-rock band the Orkids and Atlanta's the Carry-Ons.
— Jonathan Williams - Creative Loafing Atlanta

"Local band gets Warped this Monday"

The Vans Warped Tour has established itself as a day-long summer tradition for fans of pop punk, emo, screamo and metal. Having also incorporated hip-hop, electro, Americana and other genres into its already diverse lineup, the Warped Tour offers something for just about any type of music fan willing to spend a scorching summer day on a blacktop under the oppressive sun. As the tour comes to Atlanta on Mon., Aug. 1, there are several local and regional bands scheduled to perform. Here's a look at what these home-skillets have to offer.

After the disbanding of his synth punk band the Drownout, Jason Lee quickly assembled a more straightforward rock project called Death is a Dialogue. With biting lyricism and a more aggressively guitar-heavy approach, the band gives somewhat dark themes a rock 'n' roll jolt that incorporate influences ranging from Queens of the Stone Age to AFI. -Jonathan Williams - Creative Loafing Atlanta

"Death is a Dialogue's post-hardcore invades Snug Harbor (1/7/2012)"

This Atlanta-based post-punk hardcore outfit patterns their dark but catchy songs around the life and poetry of Edgar Allen Poe and Emily Dickinson. They’ve cut their teeth with shows in just about every corner of the South. The Spiveys, Morrowville and HK47 (formerly of the Flash Alchemy) are also on the bill. $5. Snug Harbor -Mike McCray - Creative Loafing Charlotte

"Death is a Dialogue: Artist Spotlight"

Seasoned veterans of the Atlanta music scene, this band are eager to make music their priority. "We are a hard-rock band heavily influenced by punk," Jones says. "I'm a sucker for the love story gone wrong, and an even bigger sucker for epic punk-rock chants and music being played on real instruments." Indeed, Jones stresses they don't want to sacrifice credibility as they strive for success: "One day the world will realize that art made for the sake of making profit is usually pretty shitty art." - Alternative Press Magazine

"On the Rise in Atlanta: Death is a Dialogue"

Death Is A Dialogue is a rising Atlanta band in the post punk hardcore genre. Its name, derived from an Emily Dickinson poem, is interpreted by band members as "a lifelong conversation between you and your maker." The notority of the lego helmets they are frequently seen wearing has swept the nation and is their statement that it should always be more about the music and less about the physical appearance of the artist.On tour again after the summer's successful Warped Tour, and recently featured on CNN IReport, NathanGrim and AtticusEchoes will sit down with the Band in its entirety and ask everything you want to know.Photos of the show by Sara to follow. -

"Death is a Dialogue rewards fans"

Local A was at Vinyl last night and caught one of the best acts in Atlanta. Death is a Dialogue rewarded all of those that were up until 2 am with a high energy, fast paced show that was well worth the wait. Jason Lee and Joe Galunas blended harmonies and breaks with perfection. Randall Gregg and Chris Hein kept the drive going with incredible timing and fills that pulled everything together. They blend pop, punk, and rock into a show that moves at break-neck speed from beginning to end. - Local A

"My First Thought about this band is WOW!"

Every once in a while Ms. MARR and I go to a show and see a band come out and within no time we can look at each other and know we are going to be seriously big fans. My first thought about this band is WOW. If you have not yet heard them, you need to listen to them and you definitely do not want to miss this band live. The best endorsement I can give you is that we liked Death Is a Dialogue so much that we drove up to Philadelphia to see them the very next night and record an interview with them despite already having another show that night.

There is so much we want to say about them that I will stick with reviewing the show here and we will be doing an Artist Spotlight on them next week as well as an Episode of Behind the Bands. The band they remind me of with their stage presence is Papa Roach. Talk about energy...these guys are flat out incredible.

The music is a very hard rock with a punk edge to it. Singer Jason Lee is exceptionally talented and each and every member in this band is giving 110% on stage. The band's set was a little shorter than they anticpated, but there were six bands at this show, so it happens. These guys have not been a band for long so people are just getting to know them, but we can guarentee you will hear more about them on this website.

Now, when you look at the pictures you will notice the other odd little thing about this band. They occasioanlly start the set wearing "Lego Heads". You may wonder, what the heck does that mean. If you look at the pictures here you will see. These things are really popular with the crowd. They don't wear them long but they are a constant presence with the band. You will learn more about them in our Interview in a week or so...stay tuned. - Mid Atlantic Rock Review

"Feature Artist: Death is a Dialogue"

We're different in the fact that instead just going along with the "next big thing" we stick to our roots. I've been in bands before where we try to stay on top of current trends, but I got fed up with it. I wanted something real in this band, a project where the music and the show speaks for its self. We're not a two piece girl/guy combo, we're not 15 yr old kids with fancy spiked haircuts and a bunch of keyboards. We're 4 grown ass men with guitars, playing a shit-kicking mix of punk rock. Its who we are and its what we do, and we don't get concerned with anything else that goes on in the "industry." - The List

"Death is a Dialogue Release Debut Music Video"

Just a few hours old, "Low Lies Lenore" is the first official music video release from Atlanta punk-rock band Death is a Dialogue. Romantically tortured in its cinematic presentation and sonically edgy on the precipice of sharp-toned punk chords, "Low Lies Lenore" is a triumph for the young new outfit in both song and video. The literary undertones of DIAD's writing just add another level of intricacy and mystery to an already stand-out song in what I see as the new emerging Romantcore genre. Check it out, brand new, this is "Low Lies Lenore" by Death is a Dialogue. - New Rock News 43

"Interview with I love your"

The drownout was interviewed by on 4/26 and was posted on the front page of their site as a "featured band".

- I love your


The Drownout was featured in July issue of GA Music Magazine with a half page color photo of the group. - GA MUSIC MAGAZINE

"Hosted Channel Zero"

The Band hosted Channel Zero, an independent music video music show on that aired on April 22nd on comcast channel 24. The show reaches 165,000 households, to which they debuted their new video for "Kaleidoscope" the third track on their upcoming record "In Flagrante Delicto".

- Channel Zero

""Live Interview with The Drownout""

The melting pot, an online music publication filmed a live interview with The Drownout before their Huntsville, AL show with Eyes Around. Interview will be posted on the site May15th. - Melting Pot Magazine


Still working on that hot first release.



Death is a Dialogue: According to the band, it's a lifelong
conversation between you and your creator...and a serendipitous existence as the death of one band breathes life into another.

After touring the U.S. for five years and 300+ shows, singer/guitarist Jason Jones' former band The Drownout disbanded despite amplifying success. With a collection of new songs and a few Drownout b-sides, Jones assembles a new project in a heavier direction. Death is a Dialogue is a monument to the darkest poet of the early 1900's and the
sweat-infused tenacity of punk rock. The song, "Low Lies Lenore," pays tribute to Edgar Allan Poe and a commentary on lost love, while the band name itself was borrowed from an Emily Dickinson piece, another writer credited for poems that deal with themes of death and immortality. Their show, however, is anything but devoid of life, blending raw energy similar to the likes of Hot Water Music and Rancid with a technical sheen that sounds like they've been together for

With Jones no stranger to national slots, Death is a Dialogue's first show was opening for mega-producer Linda Perry's band, Deep Dark Robot. They also generated an impressive 5,000+ fan votes during their first month while competing for a Vans Warped Tour slot that one them a spot on the show. The songs that generated so many votes began as late-night tracking in an Atlanta garage over the course of six months - part necessity, part artistic conviction. "I've worked in a lot of studios over the past five years and I wanted to try making a record at home with a minimalist approach," says singer Jason Jones, 28. "After
looking at production rates that idea started to look better and better," he adds. "I think it fits perfectly with our style of music and you can tell we're not putting up a front. I don't use Auto-Tune on my voice or any of the stuff that can make records sound watered down. You can tell what we are from this record and we don't try to hide it. We're not a two-piece, girl/guy combo, we're not 15-year-old kids with fancy spiked haircuts and a bunch of keyboards. We're four
grown men with guitars, playing a shit-kicking mix of punk and hard rock rock. It's who we are and it's what we do...we don't get concerned with anything else."