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Death Merchants

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The Death Merchants are the three top tier emcee's in the Coachella Valley. Consisting of Lootenant, Nolan & Chylite, they are 3 deadly artists from 3 different areas of the country (Mississippi, California & Chicago) They will astound you with their killer flow & amazing stage presence.


Lootenant - A young boss from Biloxi, MS. He's been doing his thing since the 90's. He has released an album under Clover Geez/Warner Bros.-- "Second In Charge". The album has cameo appearances from Lil Flip, Bone Thugs -n- Harmony, Devin Tha Dude, and Gudda Gudda (Young Money). Loo is still working the mixtape circuit on the west coast. After being relocated to California by Hurricane Katrina, He has no choice, but to represent for Biloxi, Mississippi, in an area where he's bound to be noticed. Lootenant's undefined form of music is a blend of love, pain, tragedy, and triumph.

Nolan Lowlife - The thought of a white boy from Southern California, making a rap album is as mind-boggling as that of a black kid from Harlem belting out country tunes. But one listen to "What I'm About" - the first single from his street mixtape debut - and Nolan gives you second thoughts. Having made a name for himself, while performing he defiantly knows how to get the crowd involved. Coachella Valley's own recording artist Nolan - will break down the stereotypical barriers and leave you wondering why it's taken so long for a talented white rapper to emerge from the Valley.
From the Dirty South to The Dirty D, be on the lookout for Nolan, and download his new single now.

Chylite - Chy has been playing with words since he was 11. Really just writing down words that rhymed. One day he says, he heard a beat & thought the artist should have done a WAY better job, so he rewrote the track & showed some friends, they loved what they heard & he loved the feedback. He's been writing music ever since. In the last 3 years his music has taken a dramatic turn & he decided to make it a priority.

"I feel if i can make music and pay my bills with the music made, that's as close to the "American Dream" that ill get. Rapping is the only thing I picked up and was naturally good at. So I intend to take it as far as it will go."


Death Merchants Album - 2011


"Like A Boss" - Radio play on KKUU 92.7
"Death Merchants" - Radio play on KKUU 92.7
"Currency in Stacks" - Radio play on KKUU 92.7

Lootenant -

"Second In Charge" - Warner Bros/Clover Geez
"We got Next" Mixtape - Warner Bros/Clover Geez

"Hit Da Club" (Feat. Lil Flip)
"Cloud 9" (Feat. Krayzie Bone)
"It's Goin Down" - Radio play on KKUU 92.7
"Kids on tha Block" Radio play on KKUU 92.7

Chylite -

"Get Familiar" - Def Note Records
"Music is my Lifestyle Vol. 1" - Def Note Records

"Goin' In" - Radio play on KKUU 92.7
"32's Pt. 1" - Radio play on KKUU 92.7
"Lets Roll Up" (Ft. Premo Stayhigh) - Radio play on KKUU 92.7

Nolan Lowlife -

"Noltorious" - Lowlife Family ENT.
"N. Lightning" - Lowlife Family ENT.

"What I'm About"
"T.G.B." - Radio play on KKUU 92.7
"Up 'N At 'Em" (Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League) - Radio play on KKUU 92.7
"La Fleur" (Ft. Pacific Sunrise) - Radio play on KKUU 92.7