Death Mix 1986

Death Mix 1986


Chicago Based Sound Artist Death Mix 1986 spent alot of time playing in other peoples bands, But now he has struck out on his own with his own blend of experimental electronic music. DM 1986 is a one man band that uses a variety of eclectic insturments to create a wall of sound that is totally rad


Chances are you've seen Patrick Driscoll aka DM 1986 playing in notable Chicago bands Mutual divorce (drums), Patrick Thunder (guitar), or hugely popular James Brown Cover Band: Get up with the Get Downs (drums).
In late 2009 he decided to do his own thing. Using his extensive music experience, he has created an experimental form of electronic music drawing from artists like Brian Eno, Dosh, and Astrud Gilberto.
The first shows are currently being planned for january and febuary 2010 in Chicago and around the country.


DM 1986 Is currently recording a two song demo for upcoming shows in LA

Set List

The set list is comprised of original songs typically in one seamless 30 minute set with no pauses or breaks.