Death Mountain Rotor Cloud

Death Mountain Rotor Cloud


With the funky drums of James Dyer, k-low bass licks of Steven Dyer and grooving guitar-a-rama of Max Herdeck, Death Mountain Rotor Cloud strives to create music that not only has never been heard before, but can truly be called their own.


Death Mountain Rotor Cloud began in an architectural drawing class in high school, where then students Max and James decided that if they were to ever make a band together, that would be it's name.

All the members of DMRC have been playing their instruments for a combined 26 years, so you could say they really grew up with them. Max still plays the Les Paul he was gifted when he was only 11. James began playing drums in his school marching band and Steven taught himself to play after being so influenced by Tool bassist Justin Chancellor that he decided bass would be his musical weapon of choice.

Since they formed, they're had only one goal. To create new music. Music that is not re-hashed, re-told, copied, covered or stolen. But music that, as cheesy as it sounds, truly comes from the soul.


Women and Gasoline

Written By: Max Herdeck

She's a girl of paradise
Of lonely hearts and laden minds
I saw her in a silver dream
We're standing there, with no between

She's a girl of paradise
Of catacombs in dirty minds
The place I go to run and hide
So salt the truth and serve the wine
Serve yourself

She's gonna break me down, down below
To see the vision, hear the flow
I'm running from her hidden spice
She's brightly feathered, playing nice
Playing dice

We're losing heart and losing touch
As her guilty meanings melt the thought
When it's life-like women and gasoline
In a black limousine


Written By: Max Herdeck

Tell me have you gone to bed?
And closed the dreams inside your head?
You build a bridge and sail me on
A road of sage, for prayers and guns
Rusty signs and highway gold
The leaves in march, for lies untold
The winter's gone, the new, the old
We're burning up, but love is cold

I won't know
I won't go

Shut it out and closed it off
The price is paid, what's said is bought
Another time, another day
The sins are gone, the feeling stays

A kiss is all, it's all okay
We're falling in another way
I've seen this before, it's all the same
You're silver tongued and cannon saved
A paradox of love and life
To paint the picture black and white
I've seen this before it's all the same
You're silver tongued and cannon saved

So honey are we doing fine?
Or are we holding onto loving fire days?


Written By: Max Herdeck

Shifting sheath and changing shape
For another phase in seven years
As time stops breaking, like children waiting
It's on the stage, so get off your grave

A silhouette
Another get-up
Another shade
I want a warning
I wanna fade
I wanna get up
It's hard to see when it's

Anomaly, got me by the throat
Where you go your family is the same
Anomaly, eclipsing soul and day

Far from eyes
And out of touch
You're self-preserved
In your adapting ways


Written By: Max Herdeck

Born into a mother race
Of shining lights, a sterile place
Born into another time
You're growing old, and growing wise

Standing for a message
Waiting for a line
Cashing in the answers
I'm feeling time

Waterfalls and peaks and breaks
Selfish thoughts and selfish ways
Counting years and counting days
Before we lay ourselves to waste

Lost in the Holly

Written By: Max Herdeck

Baby lives, hollow bound
With a heavy head, she's foreign crowned
Ghosted eyes and angel hair
She's looking back, but nothing's there
And I'm on a whim, or of the world
It's long and gone, but it seems like we're

Lost in the holly
You stare right through me, incompletely
Lost in the holly
We're make believing, evening calling

Coasting on another turn
Painted hearth, you're finding words
Spirit deep in echoed sea
Lucid road, lock and key
So navigate through heaven's sleep
With dreams of myrrh and empty streets


Death Mountain Rotor Cloud LP

Set List

(All songs are originals we currently play live)

1. Lost in the Holly
2. Cannons
3. Women and Gasoline
4. Pseudo-Prog
5. Anomaly
6. Hearts in Shallows
7. Stonehenge Girl
8. Honey
9. Last Ghost
10. Iodine