Death of a Gunfighter

Death of a Gunfighter


Very full and percise with lots of energy. catchy but metal and melodic at the same, it will give you the chills just hearing it. It is something that no matter what we do at kind of music your listen to you will be able to get into it. were all good will NOT let you down!


we are mainly a metalcore genre band packed with high energy and clear, full sounding breakdowns and melodies. Although some people say that we kind of sound like As I lay dying or parkway drive, we deffinatly have our own sound that will catch your ear. as far as our story, it started out about 4 years ago with two brothers and two friends. we have been playing shows for a fews years now and latly have been playing venues such as the majestic theater, st.andrews hall, clutch cargos and the ritz where we were filmed for Comcast on Demand that aired through April and May of 2008. we got an overwellming amount of positive feedback.


we have had plenty of demos recorded (most done live) but we are currently working on our first mastered record. we currently do not have any finished recordings that are less that a year old . we have 4 songs on our myspace at that were recorded live at the hayloft but it really does not show our true talent on how much we have progressed over the past year.

Set List

our typical setlist consist of 6-7songs

My Redemption
worthless creation
Regret it All
Brothers Keepers

It usually last about 30 minutes