Death of Fashion

Death of Fashion


we walk with lightening.


Death Of Fashion 

Formed in Indiana, 2002, Death Of Fashion met while attending Indiana Wesleyan University. When barred from playing the college which cited, “questionable content” about their performances, the group realized their uncompromising vision, and dropped everything to pursue their music in the New York City scene. Arriving on the day of the blackout, August 15th, 2003, they began to cut their teeth on the underground bar and college circuit of Manhattan and Brooklyn from literally out of the dark, swinging open the U-Haul rear door & performing in the midtown lockdown.
Death Of Fashion, whose name recalls the title of Julian Schnabel's 1978 plate semblage painting, explores the intersection of visual art and music. The group was introduced to Julian at an exhibit in 2005 where the honor was shared. Collaborating with artist Todd DiCiurcio on many facets of their creative direction,  band members  Jesse A Davis, 23, (vocals/keyboards), Darryl Specht, 23, (bass), Jacob Bills, 23, (guitar/vocals), and Daniel Boivin, 22, (drums) are channeling the vibe of a true movement reminiscent of the days of Warhol and the Velvet Underground, a time of happenings. If they’re not writing music, the boys can be found spinning vinyls of their influences in a crammed Long Island City apartment with a small clan of hipsters: The Fall, Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson, Roxy Music, Bowie...and chatting up a cultural revolution.

Their first EP was released on vinyl by basement outfit Canarsie Records titled, “These Days” in early 2005. At the start of 2006, their debut album was recorded live over four days at Water Music Studios in Hoboken, NJ.
“HELLO MOVEMENT “, produced by Kevin March (from Guided By Voices, Shudder To Think), and John Agnello (Bob Dylan, The Breeders, Dinosaur Jr.) self released in Spring 2006 on Murder Mystery Records. Kevin & John continue to work closely with the band, cultivating new ways of recording & growing their sound.

While their following grows full of interesting characters and celebrities with every show, Death Of Fashion’s live performances remain very unpredictable, full of energy & magnetism. During the final song of their Halloween 2005 event at The Supper Club, Jesse scaled the balcony and was forcibly removed from the venue by security for a reported “suicide attempt”. Undistracted, the group  completed the last two songs of their set with a magnificent crescendo.  This is what a genuine rock and roll band is all about: …love of brothers and a mission.


Hello Movement LP - 2006
Lovely and Guilt Free EP - 2005
these days 7in - 2005

Set List

all original music. 30mins. 45 mins. 1 hour. 4 hours.
urgency in harlem. these days. lady lust. left right.
sailor song. smoke and mirrors. mousse lodge. porcelain voice. come alone. debt collector. yess boss. jenny says.
mysterioso a go-go. esta es musica. it's all ours.