Death of Love

Death of Love


Death of Love is a solo arrangment of songs full of energy and feeling. A completely different take on the singer-songwriter style of music, Death of Love is out to break every mold, style and trend.


Death of Love is the solo composition of Songwriter Ricky Ibarra. Ricky was born in a third world nation during a civil war, suffered kidnapping and dealt the death of his father all at a young age. Now in his 20's he dedicates himself to make music that feeds of the emotion of the listener, wether it be happy or sad. Death of Love's music can be discribed as drastic and bipolar, ranging from electro dance music to acoustic ballads. With complete disregard for genres, trends and scenes, Death of Love is out to make music with originality, something the industry is in desperate need of.

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Death of Love 'Drastic' EP due in May '09

Set List

Tell me what you want to hear
Take My Hand
Beat of my heart
Under the Midnight Sky
Feel the same
Don't worry
If you stay
Unchained Melody