Death of the Party

Death of the Party

 Alpena, Michigan, USA

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Hailing from Northern Michigan and labeled "The Misfit Sons of Michigan" by the National Rock Review, are Death of the Party. A 4-piece Rock band formed by Carl Bartig (Bass Guitarist) and Zach Coleman (Lead Vocalist) in November 2013. DOTP bring sounds from the past, present and future into their writing and performance style. Lyrics about the current state of the world, mental illness, addiction, government, religion, love, lust, and everything in between. Their unusual, original writing style, has made them incomparable to other artists. Braden Morrish (Guitarist) and Adrian Pulley (Drummer) make up the other half of DOTP.

Writing began the winter of 2014 at their home studio in Alpena, MIchigan after releasing their former band Hollywood Vampires to Alice Cooper and company. "It was a setback, but we were able to start a new chapter in our musical endeavors and we learned a lot from working with Alice's team." The band worked day and night writing and finding themselves and their sound. "It was the darkest, coldest, gloomiest, and most depressing winter ever. So we decided to lock ourselves indoors, away from the outside world, and find who we are." After many months of writing and rehearsing, DOTP hit the stage in April of 2015 and performed throughout northern Michigan, gaining a growing following with each venue they performed at. That led to them becoming the number 1 pick in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands and performing at Warped Tour 2015. The band also came in 2nd in the National Battle of the Bands to perform at Rock on the Range that year, which began creating a buzz about them outside of Michigan. Then came Michigans number 1 music festival, Dirtfest 2015 with such artists as Hellyeah, Down, Coal Chamber, Pop Evil and King 810. "It was the year of the chicken! Zach stashed away a huge down pillow and during our last song ripped it open and covered the crowd, crew, and stage with feathers. There were an absurd amount of feathers inside. Throughout the rest of the day we heard people telling each other that this band called Death of the Party had torn apart a chicken during their set, in true Alice Cooper fashion. Pretty funny, pretty messed up for people to think, but it did spread our name all over the festival." That festival performance led to local radio play, endorsements, sponsorships and management. 

In October 2015 the band went into the studio to record their debut album, "Rage Millennial" with producer Matt Dalton of 37 Studios in Rochester Hills, Michigan. "Matt's an amazing producer and musician. He really brings out the best in us. He's our fifth Beatle." The album was completed in January of 2016. DOTP then continued performing all over Michigan with notable venue performances at the legendary Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan, The Diesel and Token Lounge. The album was released at DirtFest 2016, which hosted such artists as Killswitch Engage, Asking Alexandria, Bury Your Dead, Attila, and Soil. "It was a crazy year. We had interviews with Magazines, Radio, Bloggers, you name it. We were in full force before the gates even opened for the day. From our merch tent, to an interview, to another interview, to the merch tent, to handing out fliers for our set that day. It didn't stop all day and it was absolutely crazy, yet, amazing!" Their performance that year led to National and International recognition. In the albums first 9 months, it has sold over 4,000 copies worldwide, on digital platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Google, and many others as well as physical copies. "It was pretty surreal. We never thought so many people would buy the album right away. Especially since we didn't have money to put towards proper marketing, or even go on tour yet." But, DOTP created a buzz from their live performances, interviews,  and unique style of music as album sales continue to grow. "I feel like only 1% of our potential audience has heard the album or seen us perform, so the next few months are going to be very exciting."

Throughout the fall and winter of 2016, leading into 2017, the band continued to perform all over Michigan and gained a growing following from each performance. "This is only the beginning. We are close to booking the entire spring, summer and fall in Michigan and surrounding states,  including a regional tour and many festivals. Mostly with national and international bands which is simply amazing. We are going to be in your faces more than you ever thought possible! See you on the road!" DOTP has been writing new material nearly constantly. "I know we just released our debut album, but these songs we've been writing, we think, are just amazing. We've really progressed and matured in a very short period of time. We are extremely excited to start performing them for everyone this spring." Check out their tour dates for upcoming performances and come join the madness that is, Death of the Party.