Death On Mars

Death On Mars

 San Diego, California, USA

Some Death on Mars tracks traffic in dreamy folk; others delve into claustrophobic electronics. Either way, this band plays some seriously haunting, strange and beautiful stuff.


First the music......
It would be easy to say that Death On Mars is the end result of drives from Encinitas to the cultural mecca of El Cajon. However, it's difficult to put into words the inspiration caused by such rich fields of creativity. Some songs got their legs from the now disbanded In Between Days and other songs came from Chuck and BJ working with friends in the studio trying to develop ideas that just didn't seem to work in the past. Easy right? Recently add two new members, Mike Hampton (guitar) and Robb Rauen (drums).With that being said we hope you like what you hear now and what comes out in the future.

As for the name.............
It comes from a biography on Echo and the Bunnymen. Ian McCulloch was asked what he thought of the Martian rovers finding what looked to be the remains of life on Mars. His reply was that it only proved that there was death on mars. Also the phrase can be heard in a lyric from the Echo song "Too Young To Kneel" off of the Evergreen album.


Tomorrow's Today
Self titled EP