Deathray Trebuchay

Deathray Trebuchay


Hark, what comes this cacophony of brass, bass and battery from sweaty pit yonder. Could it be the very summoning of Rasputin's murder band incarnate, resplendent with polished metal and snappy high-tops? Six warlords indeed could not summon such noise and hardbody radness.


Deathray Trebuchay, a machine, an engine of war and a downright nasty piece of work. Born of metal and flesh in the long, hot summer of 2006, Llewelyn Ap Myrddin spewed from his twisted brain a series of pieces to challenge and delight. This bastard child, dreamt in part by a visit to Guca trumpet festival in Serbia was an attempt to break free of the shackles of traditional jazz and rock and was engineered from the outset to be unfeasibly raucous. Musical inspiration is a veritable palette of tasteful pastels, from Mike Pattons Mr Bungle and Fantomas projects, Bosnian brass band, Fanfare Ciocarlia and Japanese noise-mongers Melt Banana. Compositional style is also reflected by western classical heritage in the form of Shostakovich. Players in Deathray Trebuchay have been drawn from a similarly rich and fruity background including Bat For Lashes, Alice Russell, Simon Bookish and Helsinki and have studied at various conservatoires in London, such as Guildhall School of Music and the Royal College of Music.


No. 6 (itunes)
I'm Gonna Kick You In The Ass (itunes)

Set List

Fuck You, Yankee Bluejeans
Team Samba
The Haka
Some Sort Of College Initiation
No. 6
I'm Gonna Kick You In The Ass