Death & Taxes

Death & Taxes


Death and Taxes plays original music in the traditional country and bluegrass style, ranging from sweet ballads with gorgeous harmony to rowdy honky tonk with a modern attitude.


When the mornings are quiet and cold, and when your life feels like one long, bleak, December; when the world has mocked you, starved you and beat your body sore; and your tears are bitter and they are shed "over the graves of deeds left undone," then you have loved and you have lost. You have tried and you have failed. You have come in last place and had a million doors slammed in your face. What then, can you depend on?

From the ashes of bridges burned and from the world of shattered dreams rises Richmond's ambassadors of heartache. The sweet and low down sounds of DEATH & TAXES speak to the lonely and bring Southern comfort to the drunk, the weary and the lost. Their songs document travels through a familiar landscape, by a lonely train, that will eventually get you home. Four-part harmonies and sweet, traditional, country appeal is presented to you by true belles of the ball.

DEATH & TAXES, the only two things in life that are certain, and you must make time for both.

Kathy Poindexter: North Carolina born and raised. Fronted legendary punk band, Picasso Trigger, on Alias Records (Burbank, CA) from 1990 – 1996. Provided backing vocals for tongue-in-cheek party act, “Jack Whitebread’s Neil Diamond Allstars” in Chapel Hill, N.C. from 1995 – 1996. Played Bass for Bucks Deluxe of Raleigh, N.C. from 1996 – 1998. Currently resides in Richmond, Virginia where she plays bass and also sings with Wiseacre, an alt-country quartet, and also plays bass in power pop-punk outfit, The Rulers. Kathy is the primary song writer and singer for Death & Taxes. Kathy has three dogs, a riding lawn mower and sorely wants to be a hairdresser. She can pitch a mean game of horseshoes.
Wes Edwards: Born in Jacksonville, Florida, home of Lynyrd Skynyrd and blackened alligator. Migrated from Texas, Georgia and South Carolina before arriving just South of the North to settle in the Old Dominion where he now resides as a lone cowboy in a sea of estrogen. This Dapper Dan has picked the guitar in many bands, but those of notoriety include The Hayes Elverston Band, The Stumbling Wallys and El Campo. He now plays guitar and is the honky-tonk gene for Death & Taxes. Wes is quite a charmer and truth told, could sell pants to a snake.
Nikki Price: This little gem was raised an only child in the old swampy area of Yorktown, VA and comes to Richmond bringing her own brand of “only-child” genius and ingenuity. Having had a lot of time to herself, this gal can build anything, given only a stick of gum, a piece of dental floss and a popsicle stick. And she can also play anything. She’s played guitar in punk bands, Wifey (Richmond, VA) and Hot Little Number (Richmond, VA) and also has rocked out in the Richmond all-star-group, Ramones cover band, “Los Ramones”. Nikki has also been in singer/songwriter duo Close Personal Friends. And for now, Nikki has turned down the half-stack and traded her Les Paul for a Guild to pick and sing with Death & Taxes.
Alysse Cullinan: Born in Charlottesville, VA and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Alysse is the eldest of a family of four girls, and it ain’t hard to tell: she is the consummate mediator.… and yet… like a true older sister of the South, she’ll smile and hand you a piece of pecan pie just as she tells you that perhaps your skirt is a little too short. Alysse sings like an angel, soft, lofty and sweet which can bring a tear to even a stone-hearted man’s eye. She also graces the band with a tune or two when she’s inspired, which adds a softer and gentler departure to Death & Taxes’ catalogue. Alysse also plays with Richmond, VA super-group, The Toe Lord Shakers.


Red, Red Clay; Call Girl; Meet Me Down (all available in streaming media)

Set List

1. Red, Red Clay
2. Meet Me Down
3. I am Weary (cover)
4. Wanderin' Eyes
5. Mother of Pearl
6. When I Stop Dreaming (cover)
7. Beehive 'Do
8. Train
9. Galillee
10. Box in the Attic
11. Green Pastures (cover)
12. Don't Let Me Walk Away
13. Call Girl
14. The Suffering
15. Roller Derby Girl