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"Newspaper Interview"

Members: Maverick Boudreaux-Guitar/Vocals, Preston Petit-Bass/Vocals, Brad Hebert-Drums

Genre: Pop punk/ Alternative/ Rock.

Based in: Houma, Louisiana.

Beginnings: Maverick and Preston were in bands together for years as younger kids. After they lost their drummer, Brad Hebert joined the band in April of 2006. Death To Juliet was born.

Recordings: "It's Raining, It's Pouring" EP in 2006, Warped Tour Promo 2007.

Upcoming gigs: Mainstream all ages club in Houma on July. 14th, Warped Tour dates in Atlanta and Jacksonville.

On the web:

TRoLL: How did it come about that you would play Warped Tour this year?

Mav: That's a funny story. We got really wasted one night, and Preston went home and just decided to fill out an application for the Warped Tour drunk as hell. I don't even know how we got into it, but evidently Kevin Lyman liked our music and thought we'd sound good or sit really well with Warped Tour so he gave us a shot. He actually gave us two dates: the 18th and the 19th so we're very thankful for that, and we weren't even expecting to get on it. We've been a band for one year, you know? Thousands of bands try to get on that each year, and then Preston drunk as hell fills out an application, sends it to Kevin Lyman, and two weeks later we get a letter: "Welcome to the Warped Tour. Congratulations! You're playing for two days." When I saw that I was like "Oh, my god! That's a huge accomplishment for any band!"

TRoLL: How do you feel about the come about? Are you excited to play?

Mav: Oh yea! I'm excited for the publicity. Having people know that we're playing Warped Tour is gonna make us really big and recognizable. Just getting our demos out is the number one thing. I'm not even interested in going to the Warped Tour to see the bands or check out anybody. I'm just playing. I'm going to get our stuff out, and tell everybody, "Hey Death To Juliet's here. Check us out. Hopefully you'll enjoy our music."

TRoLL: You recently played the first annual Punk-A-Thon at the Brickhouse. If you were asked to play a second annual, would you?

Mav: Definitely.

TRoLL: How was playing an outdoor festival in Houma?

Mav: It was awesome. The only bad thing about it was that we didn't actually get to play outdoors. It rained that day, and since we are only like seventeen or eighteen years old, all our fans are around the same age or younger than us. They were all outside waiting to see us play, and it started raining. We were the last band to play so we had to play in the bar, and of course all the kids had to go home. Of course they were upset about it and trying to peek in there. I saw some getting pulled out by the cops. It kinda sucked, and I felt really bad, but there was nothing I could do about it. I mean it was really fun playing it though. We had fun. The Brickhouse people are always there for us, and the fans who were over 21 were very supportive.

TRoLL: Do you wish more commercial tours hit Louisiana like Ozzfest and Warped, or do you think we've got enough of our own?

Mav: Yea. Definitely. That would be awesome. We're so not used to seeing big bands because the only place we go is New Orleans, and nothing comes to Houma, but if we could bring Punk-A-Thon to Houma every so often then I think it would grow, and the music scene in Houma would grow.

TRoLL: If Rehage Entertainment booked you for Voodoo Fest with the Smashing Pumpkins and RATM this October, would you play it?

Mav: Definitely. We would play any show we were asked to play. We would go across the world to play a show. That's our life. I have nothing to do but play shows. That's what I want to do. That's the way we all feel about it. We would play any show brought up to us.

TRoLL: So if you booked one show for a day and another show the same day halfway across the world, would you play both?

Mav: If it were possible, yes.

TRoLL: What is something you'd like to tell your fans?

Mav: Thank you, everyone. Thank you for everything. Our fans are constantly sending us messages on MySpace, and now I'm starting to do this thing; I post on MySpace messages from the fans. Every week I'm gonna pick a couple messages that I think would go great on our website, and I post it up for them. I definitely think it will make them happy, and it has so far. You can check now. I've got a few of them up, but I'm gonna start doing that from now on. It shows the fans that I'm getting their stuff, and I'm listening. - Dj Troll

"Hot New Bands"

"Sky Grey and Parking Area seem to be a favorite for every Death to Juliet fan and the crowds seem to be growing by the day"
-KNSU - 95.1 KNSU

"Point of View Magazine"

"Typically the road to the top is a long one;however, this does not seem to be the case for a local band, Death to Juliet. Maverick Boudreaux(18), Preston Petit(18), and Brad Hebert (18) formed their band a year ago and are already on their way to the top."

- Jamie Brunett

"Hundreds Rock"

“It’s very important to me,” said Ruffin, 26, who shared the stage with local acts Death 2 Juliet, Dirty Bird, Elysseum and Speed of Sound.

Kayla Carlos (left) cheers on the band Death to Juliet during Houma’s first Rock the Vote event at Southdown Plantation Saturday. - Houma Courier


EP::---> It's Raining, It's Pouring.(Sept 06)

Compilation::--->Eleventh Hour Confessions South vol1, Shatter Records Comp.

Promo::--->"Warped tour 07" Limited Edition Promo

CD::--->Depends How You Look At It.

Air Play::
Currently tracks are streaming on 95.1 KNSU Radio, 106.3 Rock, SoundClick Station, Youtube, Radio 30 metri (Italian web Radio), itunes, 96.5 KFTE-FM, and 104.1 The Rock of New Orleans.



Ok, so, starting off isn’t easy, but hey, everything needs a beginning. It’s kind of unusual to be equally influenced by groups like Blink 182, NoFx, Coheed and Metalica. Yet, the sound being created by Death to Juliet is lit and blazing with its very own pop!

Death to Juliet, the band whose name hints a remarkably written play by William Shakespeare, has been rearranged into a more modern story. The group screeches from punk rock to raw emotion in an alternative sound, crushing all waves of perversion and rebellion into a great music experience. Death to Juliet has written many climax reaching songs, such as Parking area, and Doctor Prescribed, which will not only leave you utterly amazed, but have you coming back begging for more.

The band members try to reply to every email they receive, allowing them to forge a strong bond with their fans and create an incredibly loyal following. Death to Juliet creates music to give the fans something real to take with them , knowing that some of the things they say will replay over and over in their head.


* Featured in various newspapers and magazines such as: LA Times, The Houma Daily Courier, Point of View magazine, Alternative Press limited Warped Tour 2007 edition

* Played dates on the Vans Warped Tour 2007, Hot Topic stage in Atlanta, GA July 18 and Jacksonville, FL July 19

* Featured on Fuse coverage of 2007 Drum Wars

* Endorsed by First Act Guitar

* Showcased in the first annual Rock the Vote, Punk-A-Thon, and Brick Fest in LA.

* Performed through following states: Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada

* Included on the One Star Productions, 11th Hour Confessions Compilation CD and The Shatter Records comp.

Please check out Death to Juliet's explosive energy and style at

Full Performance Resume Available Upon Request
Maverick Boudreaux

For other referances, contact:
* The Brickhouse (ask for Kendall)

* Mark Black Productions (ask for Mark Black)
(601)310-2349 or (601)752-5533

*Rdub Recordings (ask for Roland Ware iii)

*Something Like Media (Sean Tolley)