Death to New England

Death to New England


Death to New England is a rock and roll band. We live in Connecticut. We want to put out good songs and play good shows. It is pretty simple: book us on a good night and we will play a kick ass set. Put on our disc and it will sound good. There are plenty of articles out there and you tube things and ways to see and hear what we do. Nothing beats seeing us live. Come on out to a show.


Death to New England are unstoppable. They're lifers. They bleed rock'n'roll. Or at least they would if you could get close enough to 'em. Could you get past Jimmy Jude, their wild-eyed, wall-climbing singer and bassist? If you did, you'd have to contend with Sean Beirne's fuzzed-out guitar, which is expressly designed to melt faces. And even if you were to get past those two lines of defense, you'd have to be quick: Their songs, true to the tradition of punk rock and all the variants it's birthed, storm in and out so fast you'd be forgiven if the sudden silence at the end made you laugh out loud. And in any case, why'd you want to make Death to New England bleed? They're on your side.
Jimmy and Sean formed Death to New England because they saw no other workable option. They'd played together all over the Northeastern U.S. with The Battlecats, a much-beloved garage-pop outfit the demise of which could not destroy Jimmy and Sean's feverish creativity and urgent desire to rock. Jimmy writes songs every day, more than the band can record. The songs they bring to their shows and recordings are the hookiest, the craziest, the most entertaining of the lot, and the band's M.O. is to record a series of EPs in rapid succession. Boredom is impossible in the world of Death to New England. Their songs are the embodiment of "quick'n'dirty:" loose, garagey, keyed-up and typically over in a couple minutes' time. You can hear the sneer in Jimmy Jude's voice, but you can hear it in Sean's guitar, too. Death to New England captures the spirit of rock'n'roll. Now, with a new lineup that introduces drummer Joe Reed and multi-instrumentalist Little Jo Szymanski, they're stalking the clubs of America capturing your hearts and minds, too. Trust us, they will. And you'll like it.

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