Death To Our Enemies

Death To Our Enemies


Mashed up punk/grunge party orgy. Innovative rock action. Soundtrack to awesomeville.


Death To Our Enemies make rock songs. Groomed by the 90ís style grunge and 70ís cock rock, Matt, Chuck and Ken have crafted a genre-bending debut record that will stick with you like a craving for your next forbidden fix. This record is like that secret meth lab next door. A mixture of standard household rock items; cooked, mixed and altered into a sweet mixture that all the kids are looking for on the streets.
Matt Coffee and Chuck Terhark grew up in Fargo together weaving in and out of bands throughout the mid 90ís. Both made the trek to Minneapolis and made quick pals with bassist Ken Tyborski. All three were tooling around in other peopleís bands, never really satisfied by the vision being expressed. Frequent bar room meetings between the friends soon spawned this super group Death To Our Enemies. Three dudes, assembled with the same vision of rock perfection. Walking the line of Punk, Noise, Metal 70ís rock and party anthems.
Turning your stereo up to 11 you will be enlightened by the desert night wind guitar rifts, held in place by the rhythmic cadence strewn out by Ken and Chuck. This cocktail of rock is topped off with Mattís haunting, sunny vocals. Like Redd Kross before, Death To Our Enemies gels pop culture media into a well-crafted slab of rock.


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