Death to Sexy

Death to Sexy


Combine the dirty rolling basslines with massive hooks, provocative vocals and an electro beat on a dark and sweaty dancefloor and you get death to sexy


When Death to Sexy took the stage for the first time at the Victoria Electronic Music Festival (VEMF) in August, 2006, they had no idea what they were getting themselves into.

The trio blew the roof off at VEMF and have quickly become one of Victoria's most popular bands. With the charismatic Kelcy Clark on the mic and tech wizards Scott MacPherson and Kevin Legere handling the programming, the trio's genre-spanning music, billed as danceable punk-infused electro ("Picture Metric infected with MSTRKRFT on a dark dirty dancefloor") has sold out shows in some of Victoria's most popular venues. They've been featured as the Band of the Month on local rock station The Zone 91.3fm and were nominated for an award for Most Promising Local Band by Monday Magazine, Victoria's alt weekly paper.

Death to Sexy released their first full length album in 2007 that marked a turning point in the band's short and explosive life. While their debut EP, "I Am A Whore", released on Bugeyed Records (Toronto), was more straight-up electro-punk, Fall of the Prom Queen showcases a more diverse variety of influences, not to mention some more serious lyrical content. Topics like consumerism ("Falling Behind", "911") are explored on the record in addition to lighter songs like "Morning After." Clark says mixing the light and dark is an important part of what DTS wants to do.

"I want to get points across to people who maybe haven't been exposed to anti-consumer, anti-media antics," she says. "I can't think of a better way than to sing to a crowd full of made up bar stars. What am I supposed to do though? Write folk music that's already full of lyrics with similar teachings? Generally speaking, people who listen to that style of music already get it. Now to reach the masses."

With influences ranging from Justice to Radiohead, Miss Kitten, Daft Punk, Digitalism, and a variety of electronic genres, “Death to Sexy” has honed in on a unique sound with a performance that should not be missed. While lead singer Kelcy Clark has quickly developed both her vocal ability and powerful up-front performance, Kevin Legere, a veteran techno dj and former punk band guitarist creates and re-mixes beats with technical wiz Scott McPhearson. The groups undeniably cutting edge style, highlighted by female vocals, dirty basslines and hard percussion will keep you dancing all night long.


Fall of the Prom Queen (Independent) April 2007

- Single 911 has received airplay on the Zone 91.3 fm and CFUV in Victoria as well as many University Airwaves, hitting the top 10 3 months in a row on Earshot Charts accross Canada

I am a Whore EP (Bugeyed Records, Toronto)

Single 24/7 received play from International DJ's Donald Glaude, JELO, Garbo and more

Set List

Typically we play an hour long non-stop dancefloor smashing set. We play how you would expect daft punk or Justice to play, by stringing together songs, remixing on the fly, improvising and dropping songs in and out of each other to create the excitement of a DJ with the Energy of a full band. We play 100% original material and have stage antics, such as live visuals, water guns, barbie dolls and other stage props to put together a truly unique live show!