Death Valley Days

Death Valley Days


Death Valley Days are psychedelic, druggy rock'n'roll formed from equal parts Velvet Underground, early Sabbath and Ennio Morricone.


DVD began when Gary Geiler (vox, guitar) moved to a remote New Mexico ranch after living in London, and began writing songs inspired by his newfound isolation. Gary met like-minded bassist David Moore(who had just moved to New Mexico from Philidelphia) in an Albuquerque bar and when they realized they shared the same musical ideals, they began to collaborate. After a frustrating time looking for a drummer good enough to realize their ideas, the two met drummer/percussionist Gonzalo Jimenez-Moreno, just weeks after he had moved to Albuquerque from his home in Spain. Soon after, the trio found that their styles meshed perfectly, and the current incarnation of Death Valley Days was born. Priding themselves on their isolation from Albuquerque's notoriously incestuous music scene, DVD have forged a cinematic yet driving style of dark and dirty Rock'n'Roll.


DVD will head into the studio this spring to record their debut E.P.. Other recordings can be heard on our myspace page

Set List

Our usual set lasts anywhere from 30-45 minutes depending on how things work and what songs we play.

Southern Gate
Only Wolves
Book of Mirrors
Doorway Drugs
Bullet with a Purpose