What would you get if you put BLACK SABBATH, ZZ TOP, & PANTERA in a blender? The three loudest people in the Universe (DVD).


Death Valley Dragline was formed the summer of 2003 in Rives Junction, MI by Donny Thunders (guitar/vocals), Dave Barnett (bass), & Tom (The Prodigy) Trujillo (drums/vocals). Having a common goal to create a heavy aggressive rock sound. Being totally exhausted & bored with with the generic over-produced sound of most modern self -proclaimed heavy bands that fill the airwaves, Death Valley Dragline fuses both old & new sounds from genres such as Stonerrock , Southern Rock,Heavy Metal , punk Rock/ & Experimental rock to create an original groove driven sound all of their own.
Having toured through out the Mid-West & Canada and playing with the likes of ( Saliva, Ra, High On Fire, Exodus, Blue Cheer, & ATP ) just to mention a few. DVD has continually rock venues everywhere building a broad audience of fans of all ages. In 2008 DVD teamed up with producer Ryan Adkins of (Eminem & D-12) to to record their debut album Beyond The Sunn. DVD is currently working on their next album (Shit Ton) to be released in late 2010 early 2011. Their future plans include playing throughout the U.S. and abroad to get their music to as many eyes and ears as possible.


Beyond The Sunn (cd released 2008)

Set List

Our sets usually consist of between 6-12 songs and usually cover from 30 minutes to an hour and a half.