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Death Valley Driver

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada | INDIE

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada | INDIE
Band Metal


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Death Valley Driver (for Metallica)

While their official website indicates that their name may have been derived from the popular wrestling move, this heavy metal band is climbing their way up the ranks in their respective genre. -

"On their debut album, PEI's Death Valley Driver continue the swamp metal sound that's defined them since forming in 2008. Reminiscent of the best Southern-/groove-inspired metal acts, Death Valley Driver mix heavy instrumentals with a laidback drawl that could only come from the East coast. Choke the River displays PEI's "island effect" working its way into heavy music, and the result is earthy metal that sounds as working class and unpretentious as the province it calls home. Dan Hodgson's vocals bring a throaty fury that stays deep throughout Choke the River. There's an occasional scream, but Hodgson is at his best when pummelling each verse with his low-intoned growl. Guitarists Nick Doucette and Ray Blacquiere don't do a lot in the way of technical or speedy solos, but assisted by Ryan P. Gallant on drums and Ric Rumbolt on bass, the band deliver a top-notch debut. Solid from start to finish, don't expect Choke the River to stop for ballads or experimentation ? everything here is built upon a foundation of pure, heavy grooves." -

"In the sludge/stoner sub-genre, the music is represented by two separate, yet equally important groups: the slow, more ambient types that lay down some good, smokey atmosphere, and the groove oriented bands that sound like rock n roll drowning in it's own filth. Death Valley Driver fit in with this latter group amongst the likes of Down and Orange Goblin...And dare I say this band gives those seasoned veterans a good run for their money?

Down...Orange Goblin...Those are both two heavy-hitting names in this form of music, so how does anyone offer any serious competition? Basically Death Valley Driver does what they do, but force all the great aspects of sludge/stoner metal to a new extreme. The grooves are just as heavy and infectious as any band you could name, while the sound is so grimy it would make Matt Pike want to go take a shower. Then we take a step back and look at the album as a whole; they managed to arrange the songs in such an order that is almost a blatant statement that they aren't just a one-trick pony. Halfway through, right after you're done revelling in the drive of "Insect Dirge", they kick into beast-mode with the manic aggressive "Heavy Lies The Crown". After continuing down that path for a couple of tracks, they return to their #1 strength and close with yet another highly infectious, bouncing groover.

2011 is shaping up to be another fantastic year for releases, yet we have yet to see any real stiff competition to lead the pack for this particular sub-genre. Well, now we do - it's called Choke The River." -

"For me personally Death Valley Driver has released a metal gem in “Choke the River.” The amazing energy left me tired and satisfied with the blending of styles and musicianship of the band. By taking Death, Black, Prog, Hard Rock, Thrash, and mixing them all together Death Valley Driver has created an album that is powerful to a variety of fans to help bridge the gap between the old school and the new school metal heads.

To look back at my earlier analogy. If we could bottle Death Valley Driver’s swamp water/metal than we would have a generation of horn throwing, head banging, swamp water drinking, metal fans that understand good music is not about genre identification. It’s about giving bands the freedom to explore their sound and supporting them with raw energy and enthusiasm." -

"In listening to the debut effort by PEI’s Death Valley Driver, it is clear that this is a band not afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves. Bringing together sludge metal with aspects of thrash and more heaviness, vocalist Dan Hodgson sounds like a man possessed at times but anchors the group’s tight, technically-oriented songs extremely well. Highlights worth checking out include Mothsblood, Lambs In The Wolfskin, Choke The River With Your Dead and Heavy Lies The Crown. There is little question that Death Valley Driver are destined to be an East Coast favourite in years to come; they seem to have all the right elements in place. If you are a metal fan, do yourself a favor and support some home grown talent." - The Music Nerd Chronicles


Choke The River - Released May 3rd, 2011



Like it's namesake, Death Valley Driver will leave you with a sore neck and a few bruises. Since forming in 2008, they have become one of the hardest gigging metal bands on the Island. In that time, they have played all over the Maritimes. The five-piece has shared the stage with Metallica, Coheed & Cambria, Seether, Protest The Hero, Matt Mays, Misery Index, Obscura and many others.

They recently released their debut album "Choke The River" on Diminished Fifth Records. The album, engineered by Haywire's David Rashed, has gotten rave reviews and had charted nationally on several Loud charts on university radio, peaking so far at number 3.

Their song "Sleeping All December" is being used as the entrance music for Ring of Honor tag team The Briscoes and most recently Death Valley Driver was named by Craveonline as one of the top 10 Opening Acts in Canada This Summer for their opening performance for Metallica on Rock the Hill 2011.