Death Valley Driver

Death Valley Driver

 Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, CAN

"The grooves are just as heavy and infectious as any band you could name, while the sound is so grimy it would make Matt Pike want to go take a shower."


Like it's namesake, Death Valley Driver will leave you with a sore neck and a few bruises. Since forming in 2008, they have become one of the hardest gigging metal bands on the Island. In that time, they have played all over the Maritimes. The five-piece has shared the stage with Metallica, Coheed & Cambria, Seether, Protest The Hero, Matt Mays, Misery Index, Obscura and many others.

They recently released their debut album "Choke The River" on Diminished Fifth Records. The album, engineered by Haywire's David Rashed, has gotten rave reviews and had charted nationally on several Loud charts on university radio, peaking so far at number 3.

Their song "Sleeping All December" is being used as the entrance music for Ring of Honor tag team The Briscoes and most recently Death Valley Driver was named by Craveonline as one of the top 10 Opening Acts in Canada This Summer for their opening performance for Metallica on Rock the Hill 2011.


Choke The River

Written By: Death Valley Driver

We cleave this skull with fire
Worship the wolves with razors
Control the Gods, none higher
When floods come cleanse, we're reborn

- Chorus -
Bound by chains of insects
Crippled by the ghosts
Choke the river with your dead
Until the tides come close
Shape the clay of your God
Frozen by his eyes
Choke the river with your dead
Flesh bone sacrifice

You taste the kiss of insects
The sweet embrace of failure
When liquid hooks dig deeper
The sting of hell burns sweetly

- repeat Chorus -

No one burns on their casket clothes
Or cries at the jester's funeral
When birds of prey stop the feast
We bleed into the ocean
Sheep dreams of insect's life
And crack a crooked smile
No one bleeds on their casket clothes
Or cries at the jester's funeral

- Repeat Chorus -


Choke The River - Released May 3rd, 2011