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Hip hop. heavy on guitar. heavy on synth and I have more issues than rolling stone.


Deathwish started out in music with the hip hop group 14:59 upon the release of their second mixtape "the heroines heroin" Deathwish quit the group because of the lack of creative freedom. After taking about six months off to write and gather thoughts on what his music should sound like, work began on the debut album to come. with the first single to hit the internet being "Dream Girl" Deathwish set the Ominous tone for whats going on in his world. with a mixture of use of characters and actuality of what Deathwish has gone through in life it is hard to not connect with at least one song if not all in someway.


"WORM FOOD" LP (12-01-2009)

Set List

Dream girl
Bon Voyage
Land of the Blind
Partied out
Bottle up and explode
(30min set)