Deb Seymour

Deb Seymour

 Seattle, Washington, USA

Singer songwriter Deb Seymour loves hard hats, hates beer and drives an electric car named Zoe.


Deb Seymour hates beer, loves songwriting and drives an all-electric car named Zoe.

A three-time finalist in the Tumbleweed Songwriting Contest, her song subjects range from the off-planet ("Martian Tango Love Song") to the earthy ("Mama Wears a Hard Hat") and have what has been called "infectious lyrics".

Seymour performs at folk festivals, cafes, and sometimes in the shower.Listeners report being touched by wit, wisdom (and occasionally, splashes of warm soapy water!)


"Mama Wears A Hard Hat" (2011)
"Out on the Job Site", 2008 (EP)
"Cupid's Wheel", 1999
"Martain Tangos" 1992

Set List

Mama Wears A Hard Hat
Say Yes
Don't Mess With My Tools
Girders of  Steel
Bad Cat
Twelve Shades of Blue
I Hate Beer
Tropic Winds
Martain Tango Love Song
Hop Skip 'N' Jump
The Can Man
Mama Wears A Hard Hat
You're Right
Up On Your Luck