Debajo del Agua

Debajo del Agua

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Debajo del Agua blends hip hop lyrics, Latin forms such as samba, salsa, cumbia, and Afro-Latino percussion with familiar Western and traditional Andean instruments. The live show keeps crowds dancing to unpredictable percussion breaks, colorful guitar riffs, and unforgettable trilingual rhymes!


Debajo del Agua is a seven-piece, acoustic, trilingual, instrumental ensemble that works to promote cultural diversity and social awareness through music. The traditional music of the Andes fused with hip hop, samba, salsa, cumbia, reggae, and jazz create Debajo del Agua’s original melodies and innovative musical style. The instruments range from indigenous wind instruments, such as quenas and zampoñas, to more contemporary instruments including saxophone, bass, acoustic guitars, and a variety of strings from South and Central America such as the tiple, charango, cuatro. Three MCs with socially uplifting and politically conscious lyrics (in English, Spanish, and Portuguese) backed by vocal harmonies and upbeat Afro-Latino percussion accompany these instruments to make Debajo del Agua a truly unique musical experience.

The bands 2007 debut album, “Arte-Sano,” enjoys frequent airplay on Colorado radio (KGNU, KVCU). The group has performed for crowds as large as 10,000 people, including Denver’s May First March for Immigrant Rights, and has been featured at the Brown Sugar Film Festival, University of Colorado at Boulder’s Nuestra Musica Nuestra’s Raices, Transform Columbus Day Festival, Latina Health Summit, Osage Mercado, and Hip Hop for Nicaragua. Debajo del Agua’s music transforms popular small venues into spontaneous, crowded dance parties. The live show is intermingled with unpredictable percussion breaks, flamenco guitar interludes, and lyrical freestyles that keep audiences on their toes.

“Debajo del agua” which literally translates to “under the water,” is a phrase used to describe something hidden beneath the surface, or clandestine. “Debajo del agua” perfectly describes the bands unique sound and overall message. Beneath the joyful rhythms, Debajo del Agua delivers a relevant social message, by addressing the deep waters of economic exploitation, racism, environmental injustice, sexism and oppression, and offers a breath of fresh air. Whether merely dancing to the music, or tuning into the uplifting lyrics, audiences enjoy the many layers of Debajo del Agua’s music.
We would be honored to share a piece of our family, our culture, and our music with audiences around the world.

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"Arte-Sano" - 2007 debut album.

Featured songs, "Abreme la Puerta," "Saca la Mascara," and "Prominence" enjoy frequent airplay on KGNU, and Radio KVCU.

Live radio show with KGNU.

Set List

Our set includes 21 original songs from to samba, reggae, and salsa, to straight-ahead conscious hip-hop. The band typically plays a two-hour show with a 15 minute set break, but can negotiate time and adjust set accordingly. Covers include favorites such as Mas Que Nada (Jorge Ben), Magahlena (Sergio Mendez), Cuarto de Tula (Buena Vista Social Club), Mira Ninita (Los Jaivas), Chan Chan (Buena Vista Social Club), Get Up, Stand Up (Bob Marley), Scenario (A Tribe Called Quest). The live show is intermingled with unpredictable percussion breaks, flamenco guitar interludes, and lyrical freestyles that keep the crowd on their toes.