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"melodic guitar textures with staccato brutality and a thundering rhytm section"

Emerging from the remains of Brazilian math rockers Diagonal, this dryly monickered trio take the throaty guitar riffs and rock-solid surfaces of hard rock and Metal and twist them into hyperactively protean forms.
Thankfully there's little of math rock's less appealing qualities - tiresome endurance testing and monodimensional bludgeoning - and instead an attempt to merge melodic guitar textures with staccato brutality and a thundering rhytm section. The results are mixed but never duli. Portuguese speakers will be able to fully appreciate the group's lyrics, though in essence the music is what dominates this short, sharp missive. - The WIRE


Debate "EP"
Release Date: August/2006


Feeling a bit camera shy


In 1999 in São Paulo a band called Diagonal was formed. It was considered one of the most relevant paths for theindependent Brazilian rock scene with your precise and angular repertoire, with references which goes from The Ex and Gang Of Four to Hermeto Pascoal in just one beat. They had recorded two brilliant albums and than broke up in 2003. In 2004, 2/4 of Diagonal started a new band called Debate.

Singer and guitarist Sergio Ugeda and drummer Richard Ribeiro (also a member of São Paulo Underground, with Rob Mazurek), joined in with bassist Marcelo Mandaji and redefined at their own means and terms the “power trio” concept. Their miscellaneous influences creates the singular atmosphere of the group, mixing elements of improvisitional music,brazilian jazz and post-punk in a magnificent - and quite original at their own way - musical blend.

Their first record, a self-(un)titled EP with 6 tracks, doesnt sound very familiar for those with “math-rock” ears. Heavy guitars, broken rhythms, screaming vocals and interesting portugueses lyrics as a cherry on the cake really finds some innovative treatment here. Every second of music is a genuine discussion of ideas where the unexpectable comes. Each musician seems do not realize what its happening around themselves but surprise us when we finally realized that everthing makes sense together. File under a improbable join between Rush, Milton Banana and Superchunk.

Debate just recorded in March their second EP in Baltimore with J. Robbins (Jawbox, Burning Airlines, Channels) at Magpie Cage and also produced another EP in Chicago with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio. Both are scheduled to be released in Brazil in September.