Debbie Bennett

Debbie Bennett


Uplifting! Spiritfilled, energetic with a devotion to serving God in the music field and most importantly in her everyday walk of life. An inspiring singer/songwriter writing songs about life's experiences that touch hearts both here in the United States and abroad.


I was born and raised in a town called Stuart, Va. With 2 sisters and 2 brothers I was kind of the middle child in that I had an older sister and a younger sister and a brother who was the oldest son and one that was the youngest, so I was the in between. My mother and father were wonderful people and I was very close to my mother until her passing in 1995 and after this I began to develope a much needed relationship with my dad until his passing in 2003. As a result of their deaths God gave me " The Letter" and " Pictures on the Floor". I have a strong devotion to my ministry and in sharing with others what God has done for me. Through his many miracles of healing to his answering of prayers and his strength that he gives to walk through each valley. I was saved on June 26, 1976 and was baptized on July 11, 1976. I remember very well the day that God came into my heart, and I have been singing his songs ever since! I have 2 daughters and 1 son in law. 1 grand daughter Chloie Alyce 2step-daughters and 2 son in laws,with 5 step grand children whom I love very much! God has blessed me with such a wonderfully supportive family including a gift from heaven in my husband,Junior Bennett. I have also been singing with him for the past 18 years until presently where I am starting to change directions in my music ministry. I Love to get the audience involved in our music and am very devoted to serving God and going where he would have me to go. The goal of Debbie Bennett is to be a positive influence in the christian music field with heartfelt song writing and emotional messages through my singing and to always be a help to others along the way. In both 1988 and 1989 I was awarded the Gold and Silver Poet Awards in Washington,D.C. There are many organizations that I am proud to be a part of including World Vision (I have been sponsering a child for the past 16 years). St. Jude's Childrens Hospital ( I am a Partner in Hope with this organization) The March of Dimes ( I have been a faithful fighter for the March of Dimes for about 15 years) The Christian Childrens' Fund ( I have just recently gotten involved with giving yearly to this fund) The Cancer Society- Relay for Life ( In sponsering events ,raising money, donating time as well as monetary donations, and hosting concerts specifically for raising money for the Cancer Society) I was a long standing member of the Red Cross and also held the position of Secretary for them in Patrick County for the Virginia division.I was nominated for "Female Vocalist " of the year for the Country Gospel Music Guild for 2005,and I won "Song writer of the year-2007" from the Country Gospel Music Association". I have had 5 #1 songs in this country with "We Will Stand","Remember Me","Sunshine,Rain and Roses","Dry My Mommy's Tears" and my latest release"Take Me Back to That Old Altar" and I have been the "Most Played Overseas Artist" for the months of October and November and December 05' and my songs "The Letter" and Pictures on the Floor" have reached as high as #3 on the National Top 100 too as reported in the Glorytrain Express Magazine. I have had several published articles in this magazine as well.I sang with The Isaacs, the Hoppers, Brian Free and Assurance, Karen Peck and New River,Lu Lu Roman, Ann Downing,The Talley's, Lavern Tripp, Candy Christmas, and many others in the 2nd annual "Roger Neal and Friends Sing For MS" in June of 2006 for the event "The Miracle of Christmas"I sang at the Pageant of Peace at The Whitehouse in Washington, D.C in Dec. 2006 and I am a member of the CGMA,GMA,SGMA,MCCF,ICMA-CCMA,CCMG.I also participated in another video for MS called "Roger Neal and Friends Sing for MS-Favorite Gospel Songs" with many of Southern Gospel Music's top artists.


The Letter

Written By: Debbie Bennett

Verse- 1 Today I sat and wrote my Dad a letter and at first I didn't quite know what to say but then the words they came so freely as I told him how I felt, the way that he had left me on that day. At first I couldn't quite get past the anger and I wanted him to hurt like he'd made me , but then the memories of my childhood came rushing back to me and the happy times were all that I could see. Chorus: And I said Jesus could you give this to my Daddy? Could you tell him that I'm really doing fine? Could you tell him that I love him and that I understand just why he had to leave me behind? Could you tell him that I'm sorry for the things I left unsaid and could you tell him I'm not angry anymore? But most of all dear Jesus could you tell him just for me that I was very proud to call him Dad. Verse-2 As I wrote I felt a peace and calm assurance that no longer would this pain torment me and no longer would I question did my Dad really love me and that in my heart he would always be? Well I signed it," love you Daddy " and I got down on my knees and I prayed" Father up in heaven hear my plea! " Well I know I can't deliver this but could you tell him just for me that this one comes special delivery?

We Will Stand

Written By: Debbie Bennett

Verse 1: In the streets of every nation and the hearts of every man, there's a pride that can't be conquered that spreads across this land. And through the tears of sons and daughters even though inside they grieve. They know within they fought and died for something they believed. Chorus: We will stand together with you and we will ight for what is right. We will lift you up to God above and pray for you each night. For that flag that waves so proudly stands for grace and liberty and by God's love and mercy the price was paid for you and me. Verse As we think about the stars and stripes, somewhere in the night. We can't help but think about the price made to make things right. As the blood flows on each battlefield so it flowed from Calvary. As the tree was raised he bled and died , salvation for you and me.

Pictures on the Floor

Written By: Debbie Bennett

Verse 1: In a dark and cheap hotel room as he sat there on the bed. His fingers clutched the handle of the gun now in his hand. The heartache that he carried he had never felt before, scattered pieces told the story from the pictures on the floor. Chorus: Pictures of the memories shared down through the years of their life of love together it brought such happy tears. Gone but not forgotten for time waits no more.It's told there in the story from the pictures on the floor. Verse 2: Tear drops, rage and anger he cried ,"God how can this be?" She was my life my inspiration, she meant everything to me. What's left? Where do I go from here? I can't take it anymore! When all that's left is the story from the pictures on the floor. Verse 3: Hours passed, the pain released, as he left it there that day. For he knew that deep within his heart her love would always be. He laid the gun there on the table as he opened up the door, knowing now that life again would be more than a story from the pictures on the floor. ( end chorus with" Now we see the story from the pictures on th floor"


CD- "Songs of Home" Singles released include- "The Letter","We Will Stand"(duet with Connie Strange), and "Pictures on the Floor" All on HMG-Nashville, Glorytrain, and Circuit Rider Compilations. "Songs of Home" recorded at Lamon Records in Monroe N.C and released Dec.7 '04 to many internet music site locations such as,, and numerous others. Or they can be purchased through and through my web site as well, I have written about 150 songs over the years and I have at least 44 of them registered with the Library of Congress and BMI.Other single releases include : "Remember Me" and "The Battle's not Yours", "Mommy, Will You Sing Me Jesus?" , "Sunshine, Rain and Roses","Dry My Mommy's Tears" went #1 for me on the National Top 100 in January 2007 . The re-release of "The Letter" is still climbing up the charts now at #9 in the Christian Voice Music Magazine and my newest release "Take Me Back to That Old Altar"is now at #1 for the month of Dec.2007.My next release will be in Jan. 2008 called "Free Spirit" out on new ground Records and Jordan Records. I have a new CD available which can be purchased at called "Dry My Mommy's Tears" Which Tim Atwood produced and was recorded at Highland Recording Studio just outside of Nashville,Tn.I am currently working on my next project set to be released by April-2008 (hopefully)

Set List

I always let the spirit guide me in the choice of songs because each venue is different and the needs may be totally different for the people attending. I usually have at least an hour program. Sometimes it is less, sometimes it is longer. It all depends on what the service requires.For further information please contact Debbie or Junior Bennett at 336-593-2908