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Debbie Fortnum

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I'm an inspirational singer, songwriter & pianist who is passionate about stirring and calming the deep emotions of the soul with my instruments. My music helps you think and process your own emotions, and yet relaxes your spirit to the core because it is very spiritual and healing.


My piano music & instrumental songwriting began when I was just 5 years old. I sat down at a piano and realized I could play it! I haven't stopped. Yet, I have realized over the years that I have a voice and have definitely added that to the mix. I have three instrumental CDs and two vocal CDs. In addition to being an Inspirational, Healing Pianist, I am also a Singer, Songwriter and Speaker. I provide the music and the motivational speaking at many women's retreats throughout North America. My music and my message of HOPE are inseperable, and have been played at both weddings, and in hospitals as people pass from this life to the next. Humbling indeed. My great desire through my music is to help people become emotionally healthy, by helping them think & process their own emotions, and yet feed them the Healing Hope and Truth of Ancient Hymns and Scriptures. What separates me from other New Age / Ambient pianists, is that my goal is not to get people into another world, but help them be comfortable in their own world, even if it is filled with beautiful chaos!


Easter Morning Sunrise

Written By: Debbie Fortnum

This is an instrumental song -- looks like there is no "instrumental category" so I'd like to enter it into the 'world' category!

I Am Yours

Written By: Debbie Fortnum

A thousand miles apart
And yet I knew that I loved you
The time and distance were unbearable
But yet I knew that I loved you
In the meantime I was learning
That my heart had such a yearning, a burning
To give you all of me and more

Now I am yours, you are mine, we are HIS!

My heart is aching, oh it's breaking because I know how much I love you
Not just a feeling, or emotion,
But a commitment, a devotion
In my heart I know it's right
And this one thing kept me going, knowin'
That one day I would be your wife

Now I am yours, you are mine, we are HIS


THE BEAUTIFUL PIANO ('08) Universal/D2/Fontana

Set List

To Love and to Be Loved
Glorious Joy
I Know the Plans
It Is Well With My Soul
Fire Burns, Water Flows