Debbie Rae (Mecham) Piepgrass, Miracle Composer
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Debbie Rae (Mecham) Piepgrass, Miracle Composer

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Pre-Release except for airplay on two Hawaii radio stations by two DJ's who met me before I even walked. They cried and asked if they could play songs from my Miracle + Retrospective Double Album on the air on two Hawaii radio stations. I need only get permission for a portion of one medley to be used as the basis for the one left off my intended Release at present, a Medley called: "Jesus Loves Me/I am a Child of God" which I wish to include with the copyright holder being the LDS Church, although the composers and Lyricists are all deceased. To the words and arrangement I hold copyright.

I should mention, that to the angel's song, I only wrote the words. Although much of this music was inspired of God, only one tune came absolutely complete, because I wasn't just inspired, I heard it from the angels, sillhouetted against the night before a major miracle in the morning. To their angels song, I wrote the harmony and the lyrics. It is called, "The Angel's Part". ..."When you take the Angel's Part, You Heal Your Own Heart." This is the one John Denver's Agent heard me sing before the tight knit harmony and incredible vocals of this and the songs on the CD. This is the one she wanted to take to Nashville. I could give a finder's fee to find Patty Doyle and give her those spectacles back, or I could find the right person to get the song and the miracle music entirely off the ground, locally, nationally or internationally. It is meant to be.



I began writing music at age 14 out of love to comfort and in an effort to protect a 13 year old from an abusive step father's incest and physical abuse. I wrote many songs, played guitar and sang for 10 years in duets, trios, quartets and choirs. I had 10 years of piano and 5 of guitar. I took music theory at the University of Utah where I earned a degree in English and a Secondary Teaching BA with a Seminary Teaching Certificate. I toured with the SLC Institute Concert Choir singing gospel, and in the Mormon Tabernacle with the Mormon Youth Choir and Symphony, which has now been rolled into the Mormon Tabernacle Choir along with the Symphony.

I was hit by a car in 1979, pregnant the same week with a son I knew about the very night he was conceived, while teaching in American Fork, suffering brain damage, cognitive and memory impairment only mitigated when inspiration removed my disability enough to write music by God. I had knee injuries behind both knees, and elbow injuries from falling due to vertigo and knee collapse, and a T-5 vertebrae fracture which later resulted in a spinal cord injury to the upper back and lost most of the use of my hands before even my knees collapsed, until healed and inspired to write music for God when called up by the local Relief Society President in 1999 while on Nursing Home Without Walls and called to do a hymn as a result of the prayer. I was healed only long enough to write a half a page at the point I couldn't even sign my name, and like a ripple in a pond. The choir doubled, the audience swelled to hear this Choir set also to flutes, with a piano arrangement by a blind from birth former bishop and a hymn written by a quad who couldn't write until the call came from the Church to commission me to be healed to write my first miracle song, a hymn for God about the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment and was healed. The lyrics were tacked onto the Church bulletin board for a year, with an admonition from the pulpit "to learn and sing it, for the message is pure, and beautiful. This followed a sensation which increased as it was performed on a larger and larger basis, although still locally, until recorded on CD in 2005. It was called "A Simple Touch".

"Miracles Medley" followed, written using only a mouse and sung by myself and Karla Moxley of American Idol of incredible raw talent before she was even 18. Better yet, it is meant and best sung by a Choir (in the library of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir) as is "A Simple Touch", style: Gospel, set to my hymn, and "According To Thy Faith", about Enoch Moving Mountains, in a Gospel Classical style, along with it's counterpart "Miracles Medley". I was inspired to set aside "A Simple Touch" as I began without success, and could not finish. I felt God's Spirit, and in a rush I wrote an outline for Miracle's Medley before even able to continue "A Simple Touch". I was told to set aside an outline of music four times the scope of "A Simple Touch", in which I would write my own arrangement in which I would have a major miracle. Unless I set aside God's outline", entitled, "Miracles Medley, I would be neither healed, nor inspired to write "A Simple Touch", the hymn. Prior and since, without such inspiration I could not organize properly nor could I write this song down by hand, yet it came out nearly as whole cloth. The arrangement is my own, enraptured by birds at my window in spring, I put down every note with almost no use of my hands with a mouse, but it played back as the most intricate piece in my entire repertoire, the apex of my classical gospel music, playable only by the most accomplished of pianists.

At this point hands were laid on my head by the elders of the Church, and a healing blessing pronounced, 'Be it unto both of you according to your faith". After three tortured weeks, up night and day with my husband taking over with chiropractic as my back collapsed and my life was on the line, I heard two angels sillhouetted against the night sing their angels tune, on the hardest night of my life, and encouraged to "make up words to it". It became the night before a major miracle. The Angels Song became the "Angel's Part" with the most eloquent of popular gospel, folk, in rounds, just as my miracle occurred in rounds, with a major miracle the morning of 23 Apr. 1999. I was healed of muscle spasticity at the point my back collapsed, exhausted, in danger of organ failure.

Instead I startled my caregiver, who found me turning the pages of my scriptures for the first time. I laughed at that point, leaped up and walked together with Victoria Warren, my best buddy, to the pool downstairs at Honolulu Tower, past the startled guards with my feet translated, as if on Enoch's plane of existence.

Next, inspired in the pool by an angel I couldn't see, prior to my next experience, like the pool troubled at Bethesda, I was healed to walk out of the pool when an angel I could not see beckoned to me. The song? "