Debbie Moylan

Debbie Moylan


Lots of great songs to edify the Body of Christ and renew your soul. A new voice in the Contemporary Christian music scene...


Worship leader and song-writer; Master's of Theology and the Arts from Andover-Newton Theological Seminary; writer of contemporary liturgy and developer of contemporary worship services.


This Day

Written By: Debbie Moylan

May I have Your eyes
And see beyond the surface
To recognize each one I meet
As Your precious child

May I have Your ears
To listen as they cry
To model Christ-like tenderness
And never question why

For Lord, You know my heart’s desire
I stand ready to do what You require

This day, this day
I choose to serve you
This day, this day
I can no longer wait
There’s too much to be done
There’s hearts that must be won
This day, This day
I choose to serve You , Lord

May I be Your hands
And be a healing salve
To lift up broken-hearted ones
And bind up shattered lives

May I be Your feet
And go where You will lead
Share the message of salvation
With the lost and dying ones

For Lord, You know my heart’s desire
I stand ready to do what You require


But most of all, Lord
May I have Your heart
To love unselfishly
As You first loved me


© 2005 Debbie Moylan

I Want all of You

Written By: Debbie Moylan

I am standing
At the River
It’s mighty waters
Run wild and free

This holy River
This cool, clean water
I hear it callin’
Callin’ me

This healing River
Flows from the temple
It’s distant shoreline
I can not see

But I press forward
Into the River
Until God’s presence
Covers me

I want all of You
Nothing less will do
I’m diving into You
Ankle deep won’t do
Your holy presence
Fills me through and through
Immersed in all of You

Wade in the Water
Wade in the Water, children,
Wade in the Water
God’s gonna trouble the Water.

Just as I Had Planned

Written By: Debbie Moylan

I see you standin’ in the corner
Alone at your high school dance
Wearing second hand shirts and your brother’s too small pants
I see all the pain that you feel inside
Rejected again, you try to run and hide
I wish you could see yourself the way that I see you

I think you’re beautiful
Just as I had planned
Each look and feature
Crafted by my hand
A work of art
A masterpiece
A priceless child, that’s what you are to me
I think you’re beautiful
Just as I had planned

I see you’re grown up, now a woman,
A wife and a mother of two
Rememberin’ all their details
Forgettin’ all about you
Runnin’ here and there and back again
No time to stop, or the pain will set it
Slow down, child, and hear my loving words to you


How wide, how long, how tall and deep is my love for you



with band Damascus Road:
Self-titled Damascus Road in December 2004
Walk with Me released September 2006

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Never typical or ordinary - will develop a set list based on the client's needs and desires or to meet specific needs of a congregation.