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Do You Know I Still Love You?

Written By: Debbie Pascarella


My love, you’re gone now I search the skies
For some trace of you in the heavens that shine
I need to know that you’re alright
I never had the chance to hold you and say goodbye

If you’re looking down upon me
Can you help me believe:
That someday when my sun sets
We’ll be together you and me
You’re with the higher power above you
And you know I’m thinking of you
Do you know I still love you?

How am I supposed to go on
When the one who made my heart beat is gone
I don’t know why, and I’m not that strong
I still have a hard time believing you’re gone



Are you an angel watching over me?
Do you have wings to fly?
Have you found an everlasting peace?
Can you give me a sign?


Wish I Was Kissin' My H.S. Boyfriend

Written By: Debbie Pascarella/John Wesley Coutts

It’s been 15 years of mornings
kissing goodbye at our front door
Lately I’ve been wishing
We were kissin more

Has what we have been fading
With the glory of our H.S. days
We better find a way to save it
Before it gets washed away

Wish I was kissin my H.S. Boyfriend
Can you remember the days
Two eager kids and just one kiss
Could carry them away
One guy, one girl
In a lovestruck world
Holding each other tight
Wish I was kissin my H.S. boyfriend tonight

I just got through the dishes
And the kids are at my mom’s
Let me turn off that old t.v.
So I can turn you on

Honey, I know you still love me
But we somehow lost our spark
Let’s say tonight we try to find it
And start a fire in the dark


Our brand new SUV has a small t.v.
Drive to Lover’s Lane, Let’s go
We can slip in some old movie
And never watch the show..o..o..o. whoa

Cause I’ll be kissin my H.S. boyfriend
We’ll remember the days
Two eager kids and just one kiss
Will carry us away
One guy, one girl, in a lovestruck world Holding each other tight
And I’ll be kissin my
H.S. boyfriend tonight
I'll be kissin' my H.S. boyfriends
Wish I was kissin my H.S. boyfriend tonight

I'm On Love

Written By: Debbie Pascarella

My friends see a change in me
I can’t eat and I can’t sleep
Since I found you
Must be a chemical reaction
To this physical attraction
I feel when I’m ‘round you

I’m in the grips of this powerful addiction
Stronger than any drug
It must be the love I’m in I’m on

I’m on love , I’m on love
I’m on love, I’m on Love
I’m on Love, I’m on love
I’m on Love

It’s nothing I’ve ingested
But baby I confess It’s
Got me to the craw
My knees get weak and I can’t speak
I can’t even think about
Nothing but you anymore

It’s nothing that I’m drinkin or smoking
nothing that I’ve sniffed
It must be your love, that’s gives me this lift


Baby the touch of your kiss
Takes me so high
When you are with me like this
I feel I can fly