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Leaning on the Grace of God

Written By: Debbie Pascarella/Vicki Raye

I lit my first cigarette at 6 am
put the bottle back on the shelf went back to bed
I should really start thinking 'bout quitting again
that's what i tell myself
I'm hangin on by a thinnin thread

i dont know when or where or how far that i fell
am i alive or dead sometime's it's hard to tell

one hand is on the bottle
one's reaching up to heaven
my heart knows where i wanna go
but my mind knows where ive been
one foot firmly planted
one leading me astray
i'm breathing in and cursing
and breathing out to pray
it's hard to beat the odds
when youre ankle deep in hell
leaning on the grace of God

coffee grounds settle at the bottom of my morning cup
the sun's coming up like lights on a hollywood lot
ive been thinking bout changing more than this dirty shirt
a line or a verse of a life that's been unrehearsed

looking up should be easy but i keep giving in
walkin toward them pearly gates on the cobblestones of sin


Lord i'm drifting
at the mercy of the tide
let it take me,
break me, save me



Written By: Debbie Pascarella/Ava Rives

Beneath the stars tonight
i had to pull this old truck over
they reminded me how you and i
say goodnight
you get your blanket and your bear before i tuck you in so tight
on our knees to say our prayers
as i turn out the light

we say i love you you know i love you

bigger than the sku
and the sky never ends
baby sleep tight
my love is with you and
its bigger bigger than the sky

I wish i could explain
why i can't be there with you
more than just the weekends
although i'm wanting to

i don't mean to let you down
that's the last thing that i do
even though i'm not around
my heart is there with you

and i love you you know i love you

repeat chorus

when you're feeling all alone
and missing me at night
look out of your window and
look up to the sky
and know i love you