Debbie Scott

Debbie Scott


Debbie Scott is a gospel music veteran having been part of Savoy's Five Stars of Baltimore as a youth. Now, Debbie steps into her own with the debut release of Getting Your Life Back, a worshipful and praise-oriented CD giving praise to God.


Debbie Scott is a woman with a song in her heart. Although she’s been through some difficult times, it’s her faith in God that’s kept her. And it’s her testimony of God’s faithfulness that sets the scene for her debut recording, Getting Your Life Back. With a gift for music and a message that’s timeless, Scott’s mission is to heal the wounded and bind up the brokenhearted through song.

Hailing from Baltimore and a family of singers, Debbie Scott was destined to sing. She led her first song at the age of five. “My mom sang in church and I had an uncle that did a lot of singing. I was so fascinated by his singing,” shares Scott. That was the start of a love affair with singing. That love eventually blossomed and opened the door for her to be part of the Five Stars of Baltimore. Although she was quite young and the members were a little reluctant to have her join, that didn’t stop “Little Debbie” from becoming a part of the “Five Stars”. Due to divine intervention and a singer’s absence, before she knew it, she found herself belting out God’s praises on stage. The group developed and eventually was picked up by Savoy Records, one of gospel’s oldest record companies. That opportunity led to many others and Debbie ended up on stage with legends of the genre like the Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Five Blind Boys and The Caravans.

The experience of singing as part of the “Five Stars” was invaluable to Scott and she realized in her mid-twenties that she wanted to embark upon a solo career. But it wasn’t until her later years that she decided to record her first album. It was her son that introduced her to a new church, Set The Captives Free and Pastors Linwood E. & Karen Annette Stanley Bethea in Baltimore, Maryland. The moment she walked into the church, she says it was “a breath of fresh air”. At that time, she had been in an emotionally and physically abusive marriage, a relationship that, at times, came to blows. Eventually, the marriage ended, but it left her financially and emotionally devastated. In addition, in the year 2006, Scott lost 5 family members. “Those losses were a pretty big hit for me,” says the psalmist. “The last one to die during that year, in the month of December, was my younger brother and he and I were very, very close,” reflects Debbie. During bouts of depression, instead of laying down and dying, she decided to fight. One day while praying, she heard the words, “you’re getting your life back.” She spoke those words to her pastor who in turn encouraged her to use that concept for a CD. Not only was that experience the impetus for the title of her brand new release, Getting Your Life Back., but it was the birth of the church’s Flow Of The Spirit Records.

Although producer Gary Wright is the songwriter for the project, Debbie feels he’s conveyed her thoughts beautifully throughout Getting Your Life Back. “When I first heard ‘The Center of God’s Will’, I was floored. I was amazed that someone on the other side of the country could write exactly what was in my heart,” explains Debbie. It’s not just that one song, but the title tune perfectly exemplifies the heart of Debbie Scott. Speaking to the downtrodden, “Getting Your Life Back” is pure exhortation and ministers powerfully. The lead single “Rain”, a song of prayer for God’s favor, and the wonderful praise tune “I Love You, I Praise You” show the true depth of love the psalmist has for her God. With her inspiring alto vocals, Debbie Scott is set not only set to uplift the gospel community, but she’s a testament to God’s ability to give His children, as Debbie says, “double for your trouble”.


Getting Your Life Back, 2007